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Design Studio Offerings

The fourth-year design faculty is looking forward to working with you and anticipates an exciting, creative, productive, and successful year. The table provides an overview of the faculty members who will be teaching during the coming academic year. This is followed by information on the faculty members and the studios that they will be teaching. The information will be updated each quarter.

Thank you,
4th year Coordinator
Prof. Jonathan Reich


If you are planning to remain on campus for your fourth year and you have difficulty registering for any major or support course, contact the Architecture Department right away for advice and assistance. If all design studios are full, go to the Current Students page and fill out the Design Course Request Form.

The following teaching assignments are contingent on budget, quarterly budget adjustments, student enrollment, and space availability.

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Class & Section # Fall 2018:  Winter 2019:  Spring 2019: 
ARCH 451-02 Jennifer Shields    
ARCH 451-03 Jonathan Reich    
ARCH 452-02  

Clare Olsen

ARCH 462-03  

Jeff Ponitz

ARCH 473-01  

Dale Clifford

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Course Descriptions

ARCH 452-02

Next quarter in ARCH 452-02, Clare Olsen will co-teach with Ed Saliklis, ARCE professor, an interdisciplinary design studio focused on shell structures. The design and skill-enhancing studio will incorporate tutorials on digital form-finding and analysis to create dynamic, fully integrated shell forms. Designs will be co-developed from start to finish, incorporating considerations about site and context, sustainability, material efficiency, and constructability. The schedule involves about three weeks for design development, three weeks for analysis and design refinement and three weeks for construction of a large-scale model in the high bay concrete lab. Interested students are welcome to sign up directly or contact Clare at clolsen@calpoly.edu with questions.

ARCH 462-03

This course explores the design, fabrication, and performance of zero-waste surfaces. Students will manipulate sheet material to develop self-supporting volumetric surfaces that produce zero material waste, using digital design and manufacturing tools in combination with simple geometric principles. Students will construct architectural prototypes for interior and exterior applications, focusing on performance criteria such as daylighting and acoustics.

ARCH 473-01

[ARCH 473 Image]

Through 1:1 scale construction the course will leverage both analytical and creative modes of thinking. Outcomes will include: understanding of the economic, climatic and material issues that affect design decision making in professional practice,  developing design competence by constructing and testing real projects at full-scale, and collaborative team-building skills. Composite wood and carbon fiber structures will be built with technical assistance from NBBJ Architects, Seattle. The project may be a prototypical cabin or pavilion for a non-profit children’s camp. Open to 3rd year and above or with permission of instructor.


General information

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