Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.)

The Architecture Department offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree. This degree program, accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB), is a five year "first professional degree" program, a pre-requisite for becoming a licensed architect in most states. 

Architecture epitomizes the "learn-by-doing" pedagogy that is fundamental to Cal Poly. The program is rigorous, lab oriented, and sequential in nature and reflects a balance and integration of design and technology - the theoretical and the pragmatic. The fourth year offers qualified students the opportunity to study off-campus. The fifth year is a selected year long project and final exhibit that salutes the architectural creativity of each individual's extended research and design.

The administration, faculty and staff are committed to the program and its primary emphasis on teaching excellence at the undergraduate level. The unusual size of the program and the diversity of faculty interests and accomplishments offer a vast palette of directions, concerns and issues as backgrounds for studio work.

The location of the program within the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) provides cross-disciplinary opportunities in the areas of Landscape Architecture, Construction Management, City & Regional Planning and Architectural Engineering.

Please see Current Students by year for full course descriptions.

CAED/Interdisciplinary Minors 

The following minors are currently available to all undergraduate students. They reflect some of the interdisciplinary opportunities associated with the college.

Cooperative Education

Co-op is an opportunity for students in their Sophomore level and above to gain academic credit while earning money for full- or part-time employment that relates to their major. Generally, students find their own jobs and request consideration for school credit. Information on the program is on our Cooperative Education web page.

Off-Campus Programs

Students have the opportunity to earn credit toward their BArch degree while participating in a variety of off-campus programs during the fourth year of the curriculum. There are programs in Florence, Italy, Copenhagen, Denmark, San Francisco, California and Alexandria, Virginia along with many other opportunities. Information on the programs is on our 4th Year Off-Campus web page.


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