CAED/Architecture Summer Career Workshop

The Summer Career Workshop will be offered via a remote learning format for Summer 2021. We know well that an online workshop can't replace the full in-person experience, but there is so much we can do which is at the core of the workshop.

This includes:

  • Connection to Cal Poly CAED faculty
  • Hands-on physical modeling projects
  • Small studios led by recent architecture graduates
  • Exposure to core aspects of architectural thinking as well as different disciplinary perspectives
  • Provide a portfolio building opportunity

Workshop dates - June 21 - July 9, 2021

The remote workshop is a 3-week experience that will meet from 9 am - 2 pm PDT. The workshop will be held synchronously, with live presentations via an online learning platform (Zoom) from Cal Poly CAED faculty, interactive project reviews, and connecting with students in real-time through studios-led by mentors that are recent architecture graduates. We will follow a typical workshop pattern which is a meeting of the whole in the morning discussing students' work, then having students break out into working groups and/or working on their own, and connecting with their studio mentors for support throughout.  

Our dedicated faculty continue to develop innovative ways to develop our studio culture and learn-by-doing philosophy in our online teaching over the last year.  Sharing work and building community are core aspects of the studio environment, and we are doing this in our studios every day only now remotely.   This is something professional practice already does on a daily basis as they collaborate with offices across the country, and often with projects and consultants around the world.

Students will need a computer with webcam, internet connection, a desk to work at, and a digital camera or cell phone camera.  

Cost and Registration

The registration cost for the Summer 2021 online workshop is $2,250.  Students are also asked to purchase a small kit of supplies and materials which we estimate to be between $75-100. 

Registration will open within the next two weeks.

For More Information

If you are interested in this summer or a future summer, please be sure to sign-up on our Email Interest List.  And, if you have further questions, please contact Summer Career Workshop Director Mark Cabrinha at

Updated 03.02.2021

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