A number of minors are offered within the College of Architecture and Environmental Design for students seeking to compliment or bolster their undergraduate major. Information on the minors is found below or at the department web sites that administer the minor. The following provides a list of the minors and links to their web pages.

Sustainable Environments Minor

This minor educates students within the University in the principles and various aspects of sustainable environmental design with global, regional and local perspectives and concepts. It provides students with the knowledge and abilities needed to integrate concerns for ecology, social equity and economics within the context of human and natural resource systems and the built environment.

Sustainable Environments Minor for 2015-17 CatalogĀ (pdf)

Sustainable Environments Minor for 2017-19 Catalog (pdf)

Interested students should contact Department Head Margot McDonald, SE Minor Advisor (mmcdonal@calpoly.edu) for more information.

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