4th Year Off-Campus

Students of 4th year standing can refer to the Architecture Student Resources' 4th Yr/Off-Campus tab in Canvas for additional information related to Info Sessions, ARCH Planning Preference Form, and CPIC Study Abroad Application process. 

4th Year Planning Preference form and CPIC Study Abroad program application deadline: December 15, 2023 11:59pm

To explore specific programs of interest in depth, see the table below. 

2024-2025 Architecture Study Abroad Off-Campus Program Offerings 

program summer 2024 academic year fall 2024 winter 2025 spring 2025
CSU-IP Denmark: Architecture at DIS   x      

CSU-IP Italy: Architecture at CSU Florence Center

CSU-IP Germany: Architecture at Biberach University of Applied Sciences   x      
Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium (NSE)    x      
Cal Poly in Ticino, Switzerland: Architecture x        
Cal Poly in Finland: Architecture  x        
Co-operative Education (ARCH) x   x x x
Cal Poly in Rome: Architecture     x    

CIEE Global Architecture + Design in Barcelona, Spain

(Fall; Spring Semester)

    x x

CIEE Global Architecture + Design in Berlin, Germany 

(Fall; Spring Semester)

    x x

DIS Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark: Architecture & Design

(Summer, Fall, Spring Semester)

x   x x

Los Angeles Metro

(2 quarter program)


San Francisco Urban Program 

(2 quarter program)

Cal Poly in Japan: Architecture      x    
Cal Poly in Korea: Architecture         x
National Student Exchange (NSE)     x x x
Cal Poly International Exchange: Lucerne University of Applied Science (pending approval)   x      
Cal Poly International Exchange: Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany  (pending approval)   x      
Cal Poly International Exchange: Le École d'Architecture de Paris-Cal-de-Seine (pending approval)   x      

Updated 10.18.23

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