Advising Schedule

In addition to the CAED Advisors, and your design studio faculty who provide career and curriculum advising, you also have access to the architecture advisors listed below.

Mark Cabrinha, Architecture Department Head. Mark is available for general advising, change-of-major, and advises on 4th Year off-campus including study abroad and co-op/internships.  Please click the links below to schedule:

Carmen Trudell, Associate Department Head. Carmen is available for general advising in-person or over Zoom. Click the links below to schedule:

Clare Olsen, Associate Department Head. Clare holds advising hours especially to support incoming and current transfer students. To book an advising appointment click the link below:

Academic Probation

If you are seeking advising because you are on academic probation, please follow the steps below.

  • Make an appointment with an architecture advisor listed above
  • Complete the Academic Probation Contract prior to meeting with your advisor
  • Once you fill-out your information and course plan hit "Click to Sign"
  • Enter your architecture advisor's name as participant 1
  • Then enter your CAED advisor's name as participant 2 (Mitra or Jessica)

Advising Policy

The Architecture Department Advising Policy identifies the courses that must be completed at various points in the curriculum for students to progress. The policy also identifies advising “triggers” that will prompt a memo to a student requiring that they meet with a faculty advisor before being allowed to register for the following quarter.

Enrolling In Linked Classes

Second and Third Year design and building technology (241/242/207) or architectural systems Integration (341/307/342) classes are linked. This means that you must sign up for both classes at the same time and you cannot mix and match studios and tech activities. Linked design and tech activities will have the same section and room numbers.

Credit/No Credit Grading Policy

Some courses are offered on a credit/no credit grading basis as indicated in the catalog. Undergraduates may elect to take up to 16 units on a credit/no credit basis, assuming they meet the conditions described in the catalog; up to 4 units is allowed in General Education courses.

Meeting The Math Requirement

Architecture students are required to take either Math 141 and 182 or Math 141 and 142. Transfer students have the following options for meeting this requirement.

  1. Transfer students who took one semester of pre calculus math and at least 4 semester units of calculus have completed all math requirements and will receive credit for Math 141 and Math 182 at Cal Poly.
  2. Transfer students who placed directly into calculus and took two semesters of calculus have completed all math requirements and will receive credit for Math 141 and Math 142 at Cal Poly.
  3. Transfer students who placed directly into calculus and took one semester (4 or 5 units) of calculus will receive credit for Math 141 and Math 182. They have completed the Math requirement if they are GE certified. Otherwise they must take another B1 course at Cal Poly to satisfy the GE requirement.

ARCE 211 & 212 Equivalents

Transfer students may be able to take courses that articulate with Cal Poly courses ME 211 Engineering Statics (3) and CE 204 Strength of Materials I (3) at their community college. For example, ENGR 50 and ENGR 52A at Cuesta College and ENGR152 and 156 at Allan Hancock are equivalent courses.

If a student takes both ME 211 Engineering Statics and CE 204 Strength of Materials at Cal Poly or equivalent courses at their community college, the two courses can be substituted for ARCE 211 & 212. You must take both courses or their equivalent to receive substitution credit.


General information

*To view your corresponding curriculum sheet see current or previous catalog.  For assistance with using the Curriculum Flowchart, please contact the Architecture department.


updated 09.06.2022

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