Time Conflict Request Policy

The University policy on time-conflicts requests is as follows: they are granted only to facilitate graduation, when no other option exists, and they must meet the following guidelines:

  • The reason is compelling.
  • The student is within three quarters of graduation.
  • The process does not circumvent other University policies, procedures, or deadlines.

Most time-conflict requests concern conflicts with a design course. In the interest of maintaining a strong studio culture, it is important that the department and college communicate to students the value of this time that they spend working with faculty members and fellow students. To this end, the department and college policy is to grant the request only for minor conflicts of no more than one hour per class meeting. In the case of a laboratory course, conflicts of more than one hour will be considered as long as the total does not exceed three hours in one week. Although Cal Poly students may obtain a time-conflict-request form from Records, CAED students should visit the College Advising Center to obtain the college form, which is more informative.

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