Blended Bachelor of Architecture + Master of Science in Architecture

For motivated students, a blended master of science program, also referred to as a 5 + 1 program, is available. The blended program allows students to simultaneously complete both a BARCH and an MSARCH. The blended program offers promising individuals an opportunity to continue their studies in architecture in a collaborative multi-disciplinary learning environment.

Eligibility for the Blended Program

Acceptance into the blended program is contingent upon completion of the fourth year of the Architecture courses and 205 units. Please note that all blended program applicants must have completed their Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) prior to acceptance. The Architecture Graduate Committee reviews all applications and selects individuals with records that demonstrate success at the undergraduate level and potential to succeed at the graduate level. Candidates shall meet the University requirements, as a minimum, stated in “Blended BS+MS Programs” in the Graduate Programs section
(, in addition to the requirements outlined in the "MS ARCH Program Supplemental Components" by the Architecture Department MSARCH Program.

Students wishing to pursue the blended BARCH + MSARCH degree shall complete the Blended BARCH + MSARCH application. Applicants may contact the MSARCH coordinator,, after their third year of the BARCH program for further information.

Blended Applications Are Now Closed. Admission's Process Opens up on October 1st for Fall 2021 Program Start.

Program Curriculum

Blended Bachelor of Architecture + Master of Science in Architecture Flow Chart
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Blended BARCH + MSARCH flow chart


Blended Flow Chart Notes:

  1. The blended BARCH Fifth Year & the First Year of MSARCH provides the opportunity to complete this graduate program in one additional year. 
  2. There are separate BARCH and MSARCH capstone experiences. For the BARCH, undergraduate students complete senior project requirements in ARCH481/492 and for the MSARCH a master’s research project is developed in ARCH 598.  
  3. All students will satisfy the requirements of the BARCH after the blended 5th and 1st year of the MSARCH program. 
  4. Professional elective courses 400 level and above can be counted for MSARCH electives.                                                          

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