3rd Year

Design Studio Offerings

The third year design faculty are looking forward to working with you and anticipate an exciting, creative, productive and successful year. The table provides an overview of the faculty that will be teaching during the coming academic year. The information will be updated each quarter. 

Thank you,
3rd year Coordinator
Prof. Jeff Ponitz


The following teaching assignments are contingent on budget, quarterly budget adjustments, student enrollment, and space availability.

Click on the faculty name below to link to their Faculty Directory webpage. 

section # Fall 2018: ARCH 351/341 Winter 2019: ARCH 352/307 Spring 2019: ARCH 353/342
Section 02 Jeff Ponitz/Jeff Ponitz    
Section 03 Thomas Fowler/Jeremy Magner    
Section 04 Alex Hirsig/Ansgar Killing    
Section 05 Stacey White/Stacey White    
Section 06 Kent Macdonald/Margarida Yin    
Section 07 Margarida Yin/STAFF    
Section 08 Brent Freeby/Andrew Goodwin    
Section 09 Umut Toker/Umut Toker    

Fall Quarter Design Studio (Fall 2018)

  • Registration process for Practice/Studio has not changed.
  • Be sure to read course ARCH 341/351 section notes in PASS (located above each section) for guidance on course enrollment.
  • All students register for ARCH 341 during 1st round registration rotation.
    • Enroll in the corresponding section of ARCH 341 which will be the same section number as your chosen ARCH 351 Professor.
  • All students will register for ARCH 351 during 2nd round registration rotation.
    • During 2nd round rotation registration, all students will receive through CP email address instructions on studio ARCH 351 registration from the Architecture Department.
  • The Registration system is on a first come first serve basis.  Plan accordingly your courses and several studio options.
  • Once a section is closed – it is CLOSED.  No exceptions.  You must enroll in an OPEN section during your registration rotation.
  • If you have last rotation and there are no seats available (all sections show “Closed”) then you may submit a Design Studio Request Form which can be found in the main page of the Architecture website at architecture.calpoly.edu.
    • The design request form is only for those who are unable to register for a design studio due to all sections being closed.
    • Any form submitted that is out of compliance will be denied.  Such as submitting form when there were open sections during your registration rotation and/or purposely not registering for ARCH 341.
    • The department closely monitors all areas of your registration.
  • Be sure you have no holds on your student account.  This will hinder your ability to register into any course.
  • Prerequisite registration issues (if you do not meet the prerequisites for ARCH 341):

    • One (1) hour before your registration day & time, see Arlene Gomez, Architecture Department, for a permission number to enroll in an open section (if your time is at 8:00am, come into office before 5:00pm on previous day).  You may also send an email to agomez25@calpoly.edu with the subject line of NEED permission for ARCH 341 Prerequisite issue.  Please note that the permission number is only good for an open section at the time of your registration.  If the status of section is closed at the time you register, you will need to obtain another open permission number.

For registration assistance contact:  Arlene Gomez, Architecture Department, agomez25@calpoly.edu.

Two Quarter Design Studio

Beginning Winter/Spring 2019 there will be a new studio registration/placement process. Detailed information to follow.


General information

For assistance with using the Curriculum Flowchart, please contact the Architecture department.


Updated 05.25.18

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