2nd Year

Snøhetta, The Best Weapon, peace bench, United Nations, NYC, June 2019
Image sources: coolhunting.com, hydro.com

Second Year Studio Overview

First year developed building design skills through small-scaled interventions and introduced a wide range of representation and communication techniques. Second Year Studio builds upon these skills through a series of increasingly complex architectural projects. In the Fall we will design a small-scale civic project that will introduce many factors that contribute to architectural design in an urban context. These include designing with the community, public interest and equity, and integrating nature into the city. In the Winter quarter, the project will be larger, and the rural context will emphasize the connection between building and landscape. We’ll confront issues of environmental equity and learn how to situate buildings into sloped sites. In Spring quarter, students will design a complex, multi-unit building and synthesize social, environmental and economic issues. Second year studio is a place to build skills, ask questions, investigate and analyze information, to create designs that are thoughtful, beautiful, sustainable, inclusive and well-constructed.

Kelle Brooks, 2nd year coordinator

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Second Year Students will be assigned to sections during 1st round registration. Notification of placement and registration information will be sent through Cal Poly student email. Students will register themselves into their assigned placement.

section # Fall 2023: ARCH 251/241 Winter 2024: ARCH 252/242 Spring 2024: ARCH 253/207
 02 Brian Shields + Gabriel Kaprielian Staff Staff
 03 Casey Benito Staff Staff
 04 Staff  Staff Staff
 05 Staff Staff Staff
 06 Staff Staff Staff
 07 Humberto Norman + Staff Staff Staff
 08 Kelle Brooks + Carmen Trudell Staff Staff
 09 Jermaine Washington  Staff Staff
 10 Staff Staff Staff


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