2nd Year

Design Studio Offerings

The second-year design faculty is looking forward to working with you and anticipates an exciting, creative, productive and successful year. The table provides an overview of the faculty members who will be teaching during the coming academic year. This is followed by information on the faculty members and the studios that they will be teaching. The information will be updated each quarter.

Thank you,
2nd Year Coordinator


If you have difficulty registering for any major or support course, contact the Architecture Department right away for advice and assistance. If all design studios are full, go to the Current Students page and fill out the Design Course Request Form.

The following teaching assignments are contingent on budget, quarterly budget adjustments, student enrollment, and space availability.

Click on the faculty name below to link to their Faculty Directory webpage. 

Section # Fall 2018: ARCH 251/241 Winter 2019: ARCH 252/242 Spring 2019: ARCH 253/207

Section 02

Angela Bracco/Angela Bracco    
Section 03 Margaret Pedone/Margaret Pedone    
Section 05 Jermaine Washington/Jermaine Washington    
Section 06 Kelle Brooks/Carmen Trudell    
Section 07 Humberto Norman/Humberto Norman    
Section 08 Chandrika Jaggia/Carmen Trudell    
Section 09 Ryan Brockett/Carmen Trudell    
Section 10 Michael Lucas/Stacey White    


General information

For assistance with using the Curriculum Flowchart, please contact the Architecture department.


Updated 05.25.18

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