5th Year

5th Year Studio Placement/Registration Process

Go to the Fifth-Year Thesis Process page to learn about the Fifth Year Architectural Design Program, process, requirements and placement to include the Studio Preference Form.

The fifth year design faculty are looking forward to working with you and anticipate an exciting, creative, productive and successful year.

Thank you,
5th year Coordinator
Prof. Doug Jackson


Click on the faculty name below to link to their Faculty Directory webpage. 

section # Fall 2019: ARCH 481/492 Winter 2020: ARCH 481 Spring 2020: ARCH 481

Section 02

Jackson, Doug Jackson, Doug Jackson, Doug
Section 03 Stannard, Sandy Stannard, Sandy Stannard, Sandy
Section 04 Lange, Karen Lange, Karen

Lange, Karen

Section 05 Brooks, Kelle Clifford, Dale Clifford, Dale
Section 06 Di Santo, Tom Di Santo, Tom Di Santo, Tom
Section 07 Wynn, Greg Wynn, Greg Wynn, Greg
Section 08 Shields, Bryan Shields, Bryan Shields, Bryan
Section 09 Osborn, Brian Osborn, Brian Osborn, Brian
SECTION 10 Magner, Jeremy Magner, Jeremy Magner, Jeremy

19/20 Studio Prospecti

Prospecti can be downloaded by clicking on the prospectus name.

Doug Jackson Prospectus
New Architectural Realities (PDF)

Sandy Stannard Prospectus
​Architecture + Nature (PDF)

Karen Lange Prospectus
Studio 400 (PDF)

Dale Clifford Prospectus
​Studio 401 - Responsive Architecture (PDF)

Tom di Santo Prospectus
Total Design + Stealth Sustainability (PDF)

Greg Wynn Prospectus
Studio 303 (PDF)

Bryan Shields Prospectus
Tactics (PDF)

Brian Osborn Prospectus
Wild Forms of Architecture (PDF)

Jeremy Magner
Radical-Humane (PDF)


General information

For assistance with using the Curriculum Flowchart, please contact the Architecture department.


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