Meredith Sattler

Position Assistant Professor




Areas of Expertise

Hybrid Natural-Constructed Environments
Embodied Environmental Cognition


Meredith Sattler received her Masters of Architecture and Masters of Environmental Management degrees from Yale University, and her Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College.  She holds an Affiliate Faculty position at the University of Arizona Biosphere 2 Facility, and is a LEED BD+C. Trained as an architect, an environmentalist, and an artist, her current research and teaching interests include conceptualizations of dynamic sustainable architectural systems in historic and current contexts; interdisciplinary structure and practice within functional territories between design and the ecological sciences; and the designer’s influence on the health of natural environment-technology-human interactions.  Previously, Ms. Sattler worked for Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, the Institute of Fine Arts New York University’s Samothrace, Greece archeological site, Thomas Properties Group, Inc., and in the Film Industry.  She is founder and lead designer of cambioform, a furniture and environmental design studio, and has exhibited and published nationally.


Educational Credentials:

Masters of Architecture, Yale School of Architecture
Masters of Environmental Management, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Concentration: Urban Ecology/Environmental Design
Bachelor of Arts, Vassar College, Concentration: Studio Art 

Teaching Experience:

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Assistant Professor
Louisiana State University, Assistant Professor of Sustainability  2010-2014

Professional Experience:

Project Designer/Builder, Lumibolic, LA Skyline Competition winning entry, Los Angeles, CA
Sustainability Team Intern, Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, Inc., New York, NY and Irvine, CA 
Architectural Services, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, Samothrace, Greece 
Founder / Lead Designer, cambioform, Los Angeles, CA 
Assistant, Commercial Leasing/Marketing + Property Management, Thomas Properties Group, Inc., Los Angeles, CA 



Professional Memberships:

American Society for Environmental History
Architectural Research Centers Consortium
Society for the History of Technology
Society of Building Science Educators


Selected Publications and Recent Research:

  • Meredith Sattler. “Situating meanings of sustainability within the architectural discourse,” in Routledge Companion to Architectural Design & Practice: Established and Emerging Trends, ed. Mitra Kanaani and David Kopek (Chicago: Routledge, 2016), 35.
  • Meredith Sattler. “Architectural Education Circa 2030:  Results of Master Planning Research,”  2016 EAAE/ARCC Architectural Research Conference: “Architectural Research Addressing Societal Challenges” [2016]
  • Meredith Sattler. “Cybernetic Urbanism:  Systemic Design Processes as Eco-System Instigator,”  2016 EAAE/ARCC Architectural Research Conference: “Architectural Research Addressing Societal Challenges” [2016]
  • Meredith Sattler and Christopher Hague. “Technology as Design Driver:  Professor and Student Perspectives on a Breakthrough Studio Project,” Proceedings, 2016 National Conference on the Beginning Design Student: “1:1” [2016]
  • Meredith Sattler.  “Returning to The Retina: The Original Projection Surface as Tactical SITE:SIGHT,” Proceedings, 2015 National Conference on the Beginning Design Student: “Engaging Media” [2015]: 479-496.
  • Elizabeth Matthews, Meredith Sattler, Carol Friedland. “A Critical Analysis of Hazard Resilience Measures within Sustainability Assessment Frameworks,” Environmental Impact Assessment Review 49 [2014]: 59–69.
  • Meredith Sattler, Carolina Rodriguez. “Translating Ecological Systems Models into Generative, Real-Time, Form-Based Visualizations,” Proceedings, 2014 EAAE/ARCC Architectural Research Conference: “New Intersections and Connections” [2014]: 431-442.
  • Meredith Sattler. “Backpedaling via. Upcycling:  Sustainable Material-Logics as Re-Instigator of Foundational Studies,” Proceedings, National Conference on the Beginning Design Student: “Materiality:  Essence + Substance” [2014]: 522-528.
  • Meredith Sattler. “Nonstructural vs. Structural:  Strategizing Long-Duration Coastal Protection in Southern Louisiana,” Proceedings, ACSA Fall Conference: “Sub-Tropical Cities” [2013]: 312-322.
  • Meredith Sattler. “Performing Sustainability: Life Support Inside Biosphere 2’s Glass Box Theater, 1991-1993,” Proceedings, Architectural Research Centers Consortium: “The Visibility of Research” [2013]: 561-568.
  • Meredith Sattler. “Iterative Resilience: Synchronizing Dynamic Landscapes with Responsive Architectural Systems,” Proceedings, ACSA Fall Conference + Modular Building Institute Regional Industry Meeting: “OFFSITE:  Theory and Practice of Architectural Production” [2012]: 70-78.
  • Meredith Sattler. “Learning from Lafitte: An Interdisciplinary Place-based Approach to Architectural Research and Education,” Proceedings, Architectural Research Centers Consortium: “Considering Research: Reflecting Upon Current Themes in Architectural Research” [2011]: 257-268.

Selected Grants:

  • Hearst Student Scholar Fellowship,  Cal Poly CAED, Environmental Properties of Rammed-[Living]-Earth Enclosure Systems, 2015
  • International Archive of Women in Architecture Center, Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, Milka Bliznakov Research Prize, 2014
  • LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio, Co-PI with Scholars from Sea Grant + Coast + the Environment, 2013
  • State of Louisiana Board of Regents, Sustainable Systems in the Anthropocene: Redefining Networked Relationships Between Ecosystems, Humans + Built Form, 2012

Selected Activities:

  • Invited Lecturer, The 18th L'Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes and International Archive of Women in Architecture Congress, Blacksburg, VA, 2015
  • Session Chair + Commentator, “Solar Architecture in the Expanded Field,” American Society of Environmental Historians, Washington D.C., 2015
  • Final Review Invited Critic, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 2014
  • Co-Organizer, Society of Building Science Educators Annual Retreat, 2014
  • Invited Lecturer, Department of Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2014
  • Invited Lecturer, School of Architecture + Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2013
  • Research Initiative Student Mentor, Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, 2013


Updated 12.07.2022

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