Independent Study for 4th Year Design Policy

Approved: 6-12-08

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The Student has a GPA of at least 3.0.
  2. The Student has not previously conducted an independent study in Fourth Year.

Application Requirements

  1. A contract including contact information for the Student and Project Supervisor, the project title, the project abstract, and the location where the work is to be performed. 
  2. A proposal in two parts:
    1. First part prepared by the Student including:
      1. The project title.
      2. The project abstract: a one-paragraph summary briefly describing the problem, including the site and program; the methods to be used in solving the problem; and the means to be used in communicating the solution.
      3. A brief description of the site.
      4. A brief description of the program.
      5. The justification for pursuing an independent-study project, i.e. why the Student cannot satisfy his/her ambitions in a regularly scheduled studio.
    2. Second part prepared by the Student and Project Supervisor including:
      1. A statement explaining how the project will satisfy the objectives of Arch 451, 452, and/or 453 (see guidelines).
      2. A statement of deliverables that will be used to measure the degree to which the project satisfies the objectives of Arch 451, 452, and/or 453 (see guidelines).
      3. A tentative schedule including weekly benchmarks as well as midterm- and final-review dates.
      4. Grading criteria to be used in determining the final grade.

Application Process 

  1. After Student and Project Supervisor have completed the above application requirements and signed contract, submit for further processing all documents to Arlene Gomez,, in the Architecture Department office. The department will process and obtain final approvals from the Fourth Year Coordinator and Department Head.
  2. All documentation must be submitted before the beginning of registration rotations for the proposed quarter.
  3. Students will receive an email confirmation.  If the contract is approved, then the student will receive registration instructions.

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