4th Year Architecture Off-Campus Programs

This page contains information pertinent to the 4th Year Architecture Off-Campus Programs. Please carefully read all of the following information, paying special attention to notes and links. This information will help you consider your options, make educated decisions, and ultimately help you create your off-campus adventure.

** Covid-19 Updates to Architecture Off Campus options in 2021-22 pending. **

2021-22 Architecture Off-Campus Programs

For complete program information click on program name to be directed to program overview, additional program information, and program costs.

Cal Poly Global Program: Architecture in Japan - Summer Summer Quarter Kyoto, Japan; Tokyo, Japan [CPGP]
Cal Poly Global Program: Place-based Learning in Mexico - Summer Summer Quarter TBA, Mexico [CPGP]

Cal Poly Global Program: Architecture in Switzerland - Summer


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Summer Quarter Ticino, Switzerland [CPGP]
CSU IP Germany: Architecture at Biberach University of Applied Science Academic Year Biberach, Germany [CSUIP]
CSU IP Denmark: Architecture at DIS Academic Year Copenhagen, Denmark [CSUIP]

CSU IP Italy: Architecture at CSU Florence Center


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CSU IP Italy Video

Academic Year Florence, Italy [CSUIP]

Washington Alexandria Architecture Center


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Academic Year Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, USA [NSE]
Cal Poly Exchange with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering and Architecture [Architecture Applicants] AY, Fall qtr, Spring Semester Lucerne, Switzerland [CP]
Cal Poly Exchange with Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (ARCHITECTURE) AY, Fall qtr, Spring Semester Munich, Germany [CP]
CIEE Global Architecture+Design Program in Barcelona, Spain Fall Quarter; Winter+Spring Quarter Barcelona, Spain [AP]
CIEE Global Architecture+Design Program in Berlin, Germany Fall Quarter; Winter+Spring Quarter Berlin, Germany [AP]
CIEE Global Architecture+Design Program in Prague, Czech Republic Fall Quarter; Winter+Spring Quarter Prague, Czech Republic [AP]

Cal Poly Global Program: Architecture in Japan - Fall


Japan-Fall Video


Fall Quarter Tokyo, Japan [CPGP]
National Student Exchange [NSE] Fall Quarter Various University Locations [NSE]

Cal Poly Global Program: Architecture in Rome - Fall


Rome-Fall Video

Fall Quarter Rome, Italy [CPGP]
Cal Poly Global Program: Place-based Learning in Mexico -Fall Fall Quarter TBA [CPGP]
Los Angeles Metro Program (Outgoing Program) Winter+Spring Quarter Los Angeles, USA [EE]
San Francisco Urban Program (Outgoing Program) Winter+Spring Quarter San Francisco, USA [EE]
Cooperative Education and Internships Fall,Winter,Spring Quarters Various Firm Locations [CP]

Legend (for program types listed above):

[CP] and [CSUIP]: Cal Poly tuition + fees; [CPGP] and [EE]: non-Cal Poly tuition + fees (also called self-support); [NSE]: varies (confirm w/CPIC); [AP]: Cal Poly Affiliate partner (eg: CIEE, TEAN, USAC): non-Cal Poly tuition fees.

Architecture students who are in good academic and disciplinary standing have the opportunity to earn credit toward their B.Arch. degree while participating in a variety of off-campus programs during their fourth year of study. To be in good academic standing, students must meet minimum program GPA requirements by the program commitment deadline, and be making satisfactory degree progress for their expected graduation date. Exceptions require approval of the department, dean, and CPIC.

Each Fall Quarter there are informational meetings for third year students to learn more about the programs that will be offered in the next academic year. See the table below for dates, times, and locations of these info sessions. 

Cal Poly's International Center and Office of Extended Education

The Architecture Department nominates qualified architecture students for placement in off-campus programs that are coordinated through Cal Poly's International Center (CPIC) and/or the Office of Extended Education (EE).

Financial Aid for Off Campus Programs

Students should be aware that off campus programs costs vary, and not all student financial aid is applicable to all off campus programs. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the costs and how you will pay program fees and associated personal expenses. Contact the Cal Poly Financial Aid Office (805-756-2927) for more information relating to aid eligibility for specific programs and to speak to your financial aid counselor.

Application Process

Architecture students apply on-line for all off campus programs through Cal polys International Center (CPIC). Contact the Cal Poly International Center for any questions regarding the on-line application at abroad@calpoly.edu.

Click here to go to the CPIC STUDY ABROAD homepage.

*MANDATORY STUDY ABROAD 101 WORKSHOPS: Students interested in applying for an off-campus program MUST attend one of the CPIC Study Abroad Workshops and Information Sessions.

All applications will be reviewed and verified for eligibility, which includes a minimum GPA 2.5 and satisfactory progress ta degree. Some programs may require a higher minimum GPA as noted. Acceptance for any off campus program is conditional based on maintaining standards for student academic and disciplinary performance.

Architecture applicants who do not complete pre-requisites for Arch 451 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis before being nominated to participate on any off campus program. Students will not be allowed to extend their expected graduation date.

2021-22 ARCH Off-Campus Information Session Schedule

Thursday, Oct 22 6pm-8pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/86555177411 ARCH Off-Campus General Presentation ALL - Off Campus Faculty Leads and CPIC/EE Staff
Monday, Oct 26 11am-12pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/84653737484 Los Angeles Metro Program (Outgoing Program) Stephen Phillips
Monday, Oct 26 7pm-8pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/88439195645 CPGP: Architecture in Japan-Fall Don Choi; Devin Kuhn
Wednesday, Oct 28 6pm-7pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/83695726663 CPGP: Architecture in Switzerland-Summer Tom Disanto
Friday, Oct 30 11am-12pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/89556751139?from=msft CPGP: Architecture in Japan-Summer Clare Olsen
Thursday, Nov 5 11am-12pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/my/architectureinrome CPGP: Architecture in Rome-Fall Tom Rankin; Scott Schlimgen
Thursday, Nov 5 6pm-7pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/88954885769 San Francisco Urban Program (Outgoing Program) R. Thomas Jones
Friday, Nov 6 10am-11am https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/91951320319 CPGP: Place-based Learning in Mexico-Summer Humberto Norman; Dale Clifford; David Gillette
Friday, Nov 6 11am-12pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/91951320319 CPGP: Place-based Learning in Mexico-Fall Jermaine Washington
Thursday, Nov 12 2pm-3pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/84720407061 National Student Exchange [NSE] Chuck Petranek
Thursday, Nov 12 6pm-8pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/82686677900 CSU IP Italy Jonathan Reich
Thursday, Nov 12 6pm-8pm https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/82686677900 CSU IP Denmark Mark Cabrinha
Friday, Nov 13 11am-12pm Zoom Password: WAAC  https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/82072366266?pwd=cUE4Q3VBUVVjS0RQc3lpQVpKcisyZz09 WAAC [NSE] Meredith Sattler; Ryan Brockett;Chuck Petranek
Monday, Nov 30 1pm-2pm Link to Zoom recording. CIEE Programs: Barcelona, Berlin, Prague Chris Climer (CPIC), Margot McDonald, CIEE
Monday, Nov 30 2pm-3pm Link to Zoom recording. direct exchanges: Munich, Biberach,  Lucerne and Paris. Ansgar Killing, Margot McDonald, and Leanna Jenkins (CPIC) 
Monday, 11/30 3pm-4pm Link to Zoom recording. internships/studio-co-op Andrew Goodwin, Margot McDonald

2021-22 Application Deadline and Notifications

ALL APPLICANTS must complete their Architecture Away application through abroad.calpoly.edu on or before: January 15, 2021.

ALL FACULTY Recommendations are due on or before: January 15, 2021. Applicants are responsible for following up with their recommenders in a timely manner that enables faculty to meet this deadline.

All CSU IP - Secondary Application Required

Deadline: February 15, 2021

  • There is secondary application for any CSU IP including Copenhagen, Denmark, Biberach, Germany and Florence, Italy as well as Queretaro, Mexico and Santiago, Chile. These must be completed in addition to the Cal Poly International Center's Application.
  • Apply directly through the CSU IP Website.
  • Additional questions regarding the CSU IP Application Process contact Leanna Jenkins in CPIC.


General information

For assistance with using the Curriculum Flowchart, please contact the Architecture Department.

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