Select Second Year Student Projects

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Fall Quarter, ARCH 251

Tess Radisch
Christopher Hague
Ilko Ilievi
Sergio Hinojosa


Ben Pennell
Camille Vantalon
Braelyn Hamill
Poap Panusittikorn


Carrie Carlson


Winter Quarter, ARCH 252

Shaina Kim
Karli Montick
Ryan Craney
Matt Catrow


Alvin Cheung


Spring Quarter, ARCH 253

Casey Benito
Aleksa Salve and Brian Chan
Kevin Herhusky
Allison Lee


Elizabeth Miller
Ryan Blue
Natacha Schnider
Nicholas Batie


Taylor Hopkins
My-Linh Pham
Dante Testolini
Binh Nguyen

Competition Boards

Kory Worl



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Updated 07.28.17

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