Braelyn Hamill

Final images are from the Bee Pavilion project, Fall 2011 quarter
Faculty member: Prof. Clare Olsen

Hive Mind

Hive Mind is a pavilion designed for the express purpose of integrating humans and bees. The facade of the building, with its modified honey comb patterned semi-habitable screen, functions as a transition zone between enclosed human occupation and the exterior environment. In this structure, humans are able to interact with bees and learn about them. A facade screen constructed of white concrete functions as an aperture selector, directing the views, sunlight, and perception of the site and its activities.

The pavilion wraps itself onto the surrounding hillside creating spaces where visitors are both sheltered by the building and immersed in the landscape of the bees. It is this idea of coexistence and cohabitation that the pavilion seeks to impress upon its visitors.

Clare Lee image1

Clare Lee image2


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