Ben Pennell

Final images are from the Bee Pavilion project, Fall 2011 quarter
Faculty member: Prof Clare Olsen

The Land of Milk and Honey

The pavilion project was nicknamed “The Land of Milk and Honey” for three reasons. The first is that it served as a vegetated oasis in an otherwise dry and desolate site, the second, because of its pure and simplistic milk-white exterior form, and the last being an abstracted tribute to the structural intricacies of the honey comb structure.

Though its initial form would have been a simple rectangular shape, voids are melted away from the form revealing not only the design and structure of a typical beehive, but also framed views of the surrounding natural landscape. The main access to the building is through a tunnel-like entrance that places the user in the vegetated central courtyard, which clearly separates the three programmatic areas of the space: the first and most important being the processing plant for honey, the second, which is an exhibition space, and the third, a cafe/sales area.


Clare Lee image1


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