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The scholarships below are unaffiliated with the Architecture Department and are offered by outside parties who maintain their own selection criteria and applications. Cal Poly Architecture Students have a successful track record earning these scholarships year after year, and you are encouraged to apply. All information and links are provided as a courtesy, but make sure all applications and information inquiries are directed appropriately. Double check all the information on official web sites. Please report any broken links or outdated information to architecture@calpoly.edu.

Check the following web sites for additional scholarship opportunities:

Concrete Masonry Association Of California and Nevada

Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada, a non-profit organization, is pleased to announce we have continued to established scholarships in 2019 for graduate and undergraduate level engineering and architectural students who study concrete masonry as a subject.

As an association of concrete masonry block manufacturers, CMACN’s mission is to strengthen the masonry industry in California and Nevada by providing technical information resources on concrete masonry for design professionals, protect and advance the interests of the concrete masonry industry, develop new and existing markets for concrete masonry products and coordinate our members’ efforts in solving common problems within the masonry industry.

CMACN develops, monitors and coordinates test programs, research projects and specification updates. We publish technical and educational data, and both receive and disseminate recommendations for improved product use. To this end, we have established a scholarship program in order to promote the study of concrete masonry as a subject. Scholarship award amounts are $500 per Architectural Scholarship recipient, $500 per Engineering recipient and $2,000 per Ben Fry Memorial recipient. In addition, awarded students will receive a copy of our latest edition of “Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures”, which is the association’s premier publication. There is no predetermined number of scholarship awardees; selections are determined by responses to the application questions. All scholarship award winners and the university contact person will be notified as to the date and method the scholarship will be awarded. 

Requests for this scholarship should be submitted via email, snail mail or fax on the attached applications and include at least one signed, dated and sealed departmental recommendation. Ben Fry applicants must also submit a signed, dated and sealed recommendation from the cooperative work experience supervisor from one of CMACN’s Producer Member companies (see the list of Producer Members and their locations at http://cmacn.org/producer-members.htm). Additionally, the scholarship recipient must be committed to continuing at their stated university in fall 2019. Repeat applicants and previous awardees are welcome to apply.

Application Deadline: March 18, 2019

Posted 2.5.19.

2019 Graham Eskine Memorial Scholarship

AIA Northern Nevada, a chapter of the American Institute of Architects, is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2019 Graham Erskine Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is named for noted northern Nevada architect Graham Erskine, AIA and consists of a monetary award to a student (or students) meeting certain criteria. Funds for this endowment have come from the family and friends of Graham Erskine, AIA and the AIA Northern Nevada members, allied professionals, individuals interested in the architecture profession and the many friends of Graham Erskine for the purpose of recognizing scholastic achievement, demonstrated talent and potential for success in the profession.

For more information please read the announcement letter.
If interested, please fill out this form and send to aiann@aiann.org by the deadline.

Application Deadline: April 26, 2019
Award: TBD

Posted 2.12.19

a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp AIA Scholarship

Awarded to students who demonstrate interest in practice and risk management in the field of architecture. Two scholarships will be awarded. Open to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students; the Lakamp scholarship is also open to PhD students. More information available at architectsfoundation.org/what-we-do/architecturescholarships/practicemanagementscholarship. For more information and any questions, applicants may contact scholarships@architectsfoundation.org.

Application Deadline: March 20, 2019
Award: $5,000

Posted 2.5.19

AF/McAslan Fellowship

An international summer internship opportunity with John McAslan+Partners and the World Monuments Fund. Two students will receive the awards to work on a preservation project that will take them to New York and Haiti. Open to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. More information available at architectsfoundation.org/what-we-do/architecturescholarships/mcaslantravelfellowship/. For more information and any questions, applicants may contact scholarships@architectsfoundation.org.

Application Deadline: March 20, 2019
Award: $5,000

Posted 2.5.19.

The Tile Contractors’ Association of America’s 2019 Architecture/Interior Design Scholarship for Professional Degree Candidates

Since 2001, the Tile Contractors’ Association of America (TCAA) has had the honor of awarding annual merit scholarships to outstanding architectural students. TCAA is committed to rewarding high achieving students who will lead their industry, shape the language of design, and create new ways to give shape to their vision for public and private space as art for habitation. Beginning in 2016 the scholarship has been expanded to include qualified students pursuing professional degrees in Interior Design or Interior Architecture.

Application Deadline: April 6, 2019
Award: $5,000

The Architectural Scholarship application form is available at: https://www.tcaainc.org/scholarships

Posted 1.29.19

2019 Julie Queler Scholarship

The Julie Queler Scholarship has been created to help students defray the high cost of university tuition. Julie believes that everyone who seeks high education should be able to do so. The Julie Queler Scholarship is the result of her commitment.

For a chance to win the Julie Queler Scholarship, please answer the following question; in the form of a 5-minute video

  • “Be the change you want to see – An Idea Whose Time Has Come. What is the change you want to see and how would you make it happen?”

Application Deadline: August 1, 2019
Award: $1000 to cost of tuition

Visit www.juliequelerscholarship.com for the applications and more information.

Updated 11.27.18

University of Southern California Graduate Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Southern California is trying to encourage more US students to apply to their professional post-graduate programs. Last year they gave out more than $400,000 of scholarship funds to students in the M. ARCH program. If you're interested in attending USC for a post-graduate professional degree you can visit their website at arch.usc.edu/students/scholarships to see the numerous scholarships that they offer. Once you find a scholarship that you're interested in applying for contact the University's Office of Admission and Financial Aid. 

New York City’s Center for Architecture Scholarships

New York City’s Center for Architecture is pleased to announce scholarship and grant opportunities for students.

Further information about these opportunities can be found at the Center for Architecture’s website: www.centerforarchitecture.org/scholarships-grants.

Updated 12.14.17

Verla and Paul Neel Faculty Scholarship

Verla and Paul Neel, dean emeritus of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design and ARCE alumnus, Faculty Scholarship provides professional development funds to CAED faculty for participation in state or national conferences and conventions of the professional organizations within the disciplines of the CAED. For more details see: www.caed.calpoly.edu/content/opportunities/caed-scholarship

Carson Starkey Memorial Scholarship

The Carson Starkey Memorial Scholarship was lovingly established in the memory of Carson Starkey, an Architectural Engineering student, who passed away in December of 2008. His parents, Julia and Scott Starkey, intend for Carson’s memory to live on in two scholarships, one focused on need and the other on merit. For more details see: arce.calpoly.edu/carson-starkey-scholarships

Herbert E. Collins Scholarship

This scholarship, that is distributed among seven CAED students, is made possible through a generous endowment to the university in honor of Julian A. McPhee, the first president of Cal Poly. Upper division students (junior/senior/graduate) are selected for their academic achievement, industriousness and display of overall fine character. For more details see: www.caed.calpoly.edu/content/opportunities/caed-scholarship

Dr. Glenn G. McRae Internship

Open to all junior or senior level students in the CAED, this award, shared among four students, is based on scholastic achievement, evidence of interest in university and multi-cultural activities and demonstrated competence in graphics and design. Interns will provide graphics and design tutorial assistance in the CAED's learning assistance program. One of the principal intentions of the award is to rekindle the caring spirit so aptly demonstrated by Dr. McRae during his counseling career at Cal Poly and his assignment to work with CAED students and assist them in life's problems. For more details see: www.caed.calpoly.edu/content/opportunities/caed-scholarship

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Professional Organization Awards

AIA California Central Coast Chapter ($500)

This scholarship is to support the study of architecture and the pursuit of an architectural career, the American Institute of Architects Central Coast Chapter (AIACCC) awards an annual $500 scholarship to one 4th year architecture student attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Applicant must be a 4th year architecture major in good standing at Cal Poly SLO as of January. Cal Poly SLO 4th year architecture students at the San Luis Obispo campus or those studying architecture in a 4th year off-campus program are eligible.

Selection will be based on verification of 4th year status, Written Goal Statement, and Sample Graphics Review. AIACCC Scholarship Committee will review all applications and select the applicant that best demonstrates architectural talent, creativity and professional promise. If two or more applicants are considered of equal merit, preference may be given to AIAS member applicants.

Award Information

For information and application forms go to the AIACCC web page. aiacentralcoast@gmail.com.

AIA Henry Adams Medal

The American Institute of Architects recognizes two top-ranking graduating students in accredited programs with an engraved medal and certificate of merit. The award program began in 1914 and was formerly called "The School Medal." Named in honor of the author of the book Mont. St Michel and Chartres, The purpose of the award is to recognize students for their general excellence in architecture throughout their course of studies. The recipient is a graduating senior with the highest grade point average in the Architecture Department.

AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Merit

The second recognition from the American Institute of Architects is awarded to the architecture graduating senior with the second highest grade point average.

Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal

Established in 1931, Alpha Rho Chi, the National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and the allied arts promotes the profession of architecture by encouraging students to excel. The members of Alpha Rho Chi believe the profession of architecture needs strong leaders as much as it needs strong designers. The recipient is committed to public service and shows merit beyond the design studio and academic career. Nominated by architecture faculty, this medal honors a graduating senior for outstanding achievements.

CAED Student Council Recognition Awards

Each of the ASI Chartered clubs and organizations within the CAED has a representative on the Student Council. This group represents a significant number of students within the college and serves as a “clearing house” for ideas, input and opinions that are communicated to the administration, faculty and Associated Students, Inc.

Contributions to the Objectives and Public Image of the College

The graduating senior who receives this award is recognized for his/her outstanding contributions to the College’s objectives and public image. Emphasis is on participation in college-wide organizations, committees and special projects. The student is nominated to receive this award by faculty and fellow students as a consequence of his/her distinguished involvement.

CAED Jamba Juice Scholarship (4 @ $5,000)

This scholarship was established with a generous donation from Mr. Kirk Perron, founder of Jamba Juice. It is to be awarded to four currently enrolled students in any of the five majors of the CAED. Preference is given to applicants who have worked or are working at Jamba Juice.

Douglas James Martin Scholarship ($600)

Jim and Barbara Martin established this scholarship in memory of their son, Douglas James Martin, who was the CAED’s first specialized computer technician. This award is given to an undergraduate CAED student who shows special ability and excellence in the area of computer applications and computer skills related to architecture and environmental design who has demonstrated volunteer service with exceptional positive benefit to the off-campus community.

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