Other Scholarships, Grants & Awards

The scholarships below are unaffiliated with the Architecture Department and are offered by outside parties who maintain their own selection criteria and applications. Cal Poly Architecture Students have a successful track record earning these scholarships year after year, and you are encouraged to apply. All information and links are provided as a courtesy, but make sure all applications and information inquiries are directed appropriately. Double check all the information on official web sites. Please report any broken links or outdated information to architecture@calpoly.edu.

Check the following web sites for additional scholarship opportunities:

2018 SFCSI Scholarship

The San Francisco Construction Specifications Institute Foundation, Inc. (SFCSI) proudly offers scholarships to sophomore or above college students with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above and enrolled in a school of architecture, design, engineering, or construction in California. Eligible students must have declared a major of Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture or a construction industry profession.

Click here for the application and more information.

Application Deadline: June 30, 2018
Award Amount: up to $4,000

Posted 04.27.18

RDH Research Scholarship

RDH is presenting this scholarship opportunity with the intent of promoting building-science-related research and getting better connected with students who are passionate about making buildings better.

Click here for the application information.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2018
Award Amount: $2,000 - $10,000

Posted 04.06.18

SARA 2018 Student Scholarship

The Society of American Registered Architects Education Fund (SARA Ed Fund) is announcing its Fourth Annual Student Scholarship Program that aims to assist a qualifying student pursuing architectural studies.

Click here for more information and for the application. For any additional questions, please contact robertfirneis@yahoo.com or barry@milowitz.com.

Application Deadline: August 9, 2018
Award Amount: $3,000

Posted 04.05.18

AIA Northern Nevada Scholarships

The AIA Northern Nevada’s Scholarship Program was established in 1994 by local architects who wished to reach out to students and help their progression into becoming architects. This year they are granting two scholarship awards: the Graham Erskine Memorial Scholarship and the Raymond Hellmann Memorial Scholarship.

Application Deadline: April 20, 2018
Award Amount: $6,000 (total for both scholarships)

Visit www.aiann.org for more information and for the application.

Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada

Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada (CMACN), a non-profit organization, is pleased to announce their continued establishment of scholarships in 2018 for undergraduate and graduate level architectural students who study concrete masonry as an architectural building envelope material.

Application Deadline: March 19, 2018
Award Amount: $500

Visit cmacn.org/annual-scholarships for more information and click here for the application.

Association for Women in Architecture Foundation

AWAF is dedicated to advancing the goals of equal access to educational and professional leadership opportunities for women in architecture and related fields. AWAF is looking to give merit-based, cash scholarships to women students who have the following qualifications:

  • California residents or attending school in California
  • Completed at least 18 units in their major, by April 20, in a program granting a degree or certificate in one of the following majors: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Land Planning, Interior Design, and Environmental Design.

Application Deadline: March 23, 2018 (by 3 pm)
Award Amount: $2,500

Visit awaplusd.org/scholarships for more information and click here for the application.

Updated 01.24.18

The 2018 Parkmerced Robert L. Pender Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established to encourage the pursuit of career paths in engineering, architecture, urban planning, construction, and related fields. The $1000 scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student pursuing a certificate, undergraduate, or graduate program in engineering, architecture, urban planning, construction, or related field.  

Application Deadline: February 9, 2018 (for Spring 2018)
Award Amount: $1,000

To apply, fill out the Parkmerced Scholarship Application(.PDF).

Updated 01.17.18

AIA/Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship

This scholarship supports undergraduate minority students who are entering, enrolled in, or transferring into a NAAB-accredited undergraduate architecture program. Scholarships may be renewed every year until your degree is completed, for up to 5 years.

Eligible students must be a US citizen, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and be:

  • a high school student planning to earn an architecture degree from a NAAB-accredited program; or,
  • a rising second-year college student in a NAAB-accredited architecture degree program; or,
  • a technical school or community college student who has completed high school or its equivalent and intends to transfer to a NAAB-accredited architecture program

Deadline for Submission: January 17, 2018
Award Amount: $4,000 per year and up to $20,000 total

Visit architectsfoundation.org for the application and more information.

Posted 12.14.17

MOA Architecture
2018 Kiyoshi Murata Scholarship + Summer Internship

This merit-based private scholarship and paid summer internship was established to recognize and reward entering fifth year and graduate level students in an accredited architectural program. This opportunity rewards and challenges students with practical experience in concert with the individual’s educational experience, and further stimulates their passion and interest in a career in architecture.

Deadline for Submission: January 31, 2018
Award Amount: $3,000 + paid internship

Visit moaarch.com for the application and more information, and click here for an informational flyer.

Posted 10.23.17

2018 Gensler Scholarships

Gensler is now accepting applications for the 2018 Gensler Brinkmann Scholarship and the 2018 Gensler Diversity Scholarship.

  • 2018 Gensler Brinkmann Scholarship: Awards students enrolled in U.S. not-for-profit CIDA-accredited interior design programs with academic scholarships and summer internship opportunities.
  • 2018 Gensler Diversity Scholarship: In an effort to expand and include more inclusive design perspectives, this scholarship is now open for underrepresented and minority students to apply.

Application Deadline: December 10, 2017
Award Amount: $20,000 (1st prize), $10,000 (2nd prize)

Visit www.gensler.com/scholarships for the applications and more information.

Updated 12.14.17

AIA Northwest Washington Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all residents of Whatcom, Skagit, Island and San Juan Counties who are enrolled in an accredited School of Architecture, regardless of location, and for students entering their Junior year or above. Scholarships are awarded once per year, prior to the start of the fall term.

Application Deadline: July 1, 2017
Award Amount: $1,000

For more information you can contact the AIA Section Scholarship Chair, Michael Smith at mike@mikesmith-architect.com.

Posted 05.09.17

2017 Asian American Architects and Engineers
Foundation Scholarship

The AAa/e Foundation is committed to empowering the professional growth, excellence, and leadership of engineers, architects, construction students, and professionals. Since 2013, this foundation has awarded over $92,000 in scholarships, and this year they are seeking to recognize an increased number of qualified candidates.


  • Full-time high school, community college, undergraduate, post-graduate students and recent graduates
  • Interested in pursuing a career in the Architecture, Engineering, or Construction.
  • Must have demonstrated a measurable level of involvement/service to the Asian-Pacific Islander community
  • Must apply to become a student member of AAa/e.
  • Must be present at the annual AAa/e Banquet.

Application Deadline: May 26, 2017
Award Amount: TBD

Visit www.aaaefoundation.org/apply/ for the application and more information about the scholarship.

Posted 05.03.17

Chinese American Construction Professionals (CACP) 2017 Scholarship

CACP is seeking students that are interested in a $1,000 scholarship. Students must be majoring in the architecture, engineering, or construction related fields, and must have a 3.0 or higher GPA to be qualified. 

Application Deadline: May 31, 2017
Award Amount: $1,000

 Visit www.cacpla.org for more information.

Posted 04.28.17

AIA San Mateo County 2017 Scholarship

This year's scholarship will be awarded to a student (or students) actively pursuing an education in architecture. More than one candidate may be selected depending on the quality of the submissions.

Candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • Be a resident of San Mateo County OR a full time student in a San Mateo County High school
  • Must be enrolled (or accepted to enroll) as a full time student in a professional degree program accredited by NAAB

Application Deadline: April 28, 2017
Award Amount: up to $2,000

For more information and the application see the attached PDF. 

Posted 04.21.17

Simpson Strong Tie Structural Engineering/Architecture Student Scholarship Program

Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist college-level architecture, structural engineering and construction management students. Applicants must be enrolled as juniors (60 semester hours or equivalent) OR seniors in full-time undergraduate study. Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic record, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors, work experience, a statement of educational and career goals, and an outside appraisal.

Application Deadline: April 25, 2017
Award Amount: TBD

Visit www.strongtie.com for the application and more information. 

Posted 03.23.17

Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada
Architectural Scholarships for the Study of Concrete Masonry

CMACN is pleased to announce scholarships for undergraduate- and graduate-level architectural students who study concrete masonry as an architectural building envelope material. In addition to the award, the students will receive a copy of the  latest “Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures,” the Association’s premier publication.

Application Deadline: March 20, 2017
Award Amount: $500 per awardee

Requests for this scholarship should be submitted on the application, along with at least one departmental recommendation postmarked no later the deadline.

Posted 02.16.17

AIA Architects League of Northern New Jersey

The AIA Architects League of Northern New Jersey is offering multiple scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Clarence Tabor Memorial Scholarship Award: Given to fifth- and final-year undergraduate architecture students. Award is based on scholastic excellence, attitude toward the profession, probable success as an architect, and need for financial assistance.
  • Albert O. Halse Memorial Award: Given to undergraduate students for excellence in architectural delineation and/or architectural models.
  • Architects League Scholastic Achievement Award: Given to undergraduate & graduate students for scholastic excellence in architectural design

Application Deadline: May 8, 2017
Award Amount: $6,000 (total amount among all 3 scholarships)

Visit www.alnnj.org for more information and more detailed eligibility requirements.

Posted 02.13.17

AIA Northern Nevada’s 2017 Scholarship Program

The AIA Northern Nevada’s Scholarship Program is offering two scholarships to students in order to help their progression into becoming architects:

  • Graham Erskine Memorial Scholarship: The Graham Erskine Memorial Scholarship requires that applicants to be a full-time student enrolled in a NAAB accredited Architecture Program. The scholarship is awarded to the student in May/June each year and applied towards tuition in the fall months for the following school year.
  • Raymond Hellman Memorial ScholarshipThe Hellmann Memorial Scholarship is awarded to final-year high school students accepted into NAAB accredited programs of architecture and students currently enrolled in the Architectural Design Program at Truckee Meadows Community College.

Application Deadline: April 14, 2017
Award Amount: TBD

Details and application materials at www.aiann.org and AIANN Scholarship Application (pdf).

Updated 02.10.17

University of Texas, San Antonio M.Arch Scholarship

The Department of Architecture at the University of Texas San Antonio has dedicated 10 merit-based fellowships to recruit competitive Professional Master of Architecture (MArch) students for Fall 2017. Each fellowship is $8,000 per year for up to 3 years (a total of up to $24,000 per student). The amount of these fellowships is sufficient to take care of almost all tuition, at current rates.

There are two different MArch programs at UTSA. For more details about these programs visit cacp.utsa.edu/academic-programs/department-of-architecture/m.arch.-2/ and cacp.utsa.edu/academic-programs/department-of-architecture/m.arch.-3/.

Posted 12.07.16

University of Southern California Graduate Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Southern California is trying to encourage more US students to apply to their professional post-graduate programs. Last year they gave out more than $400,000 of scholarship funds to students in the M. ARCH program. If you're interested in attending USC for a post-graduate professional degree you can visit their website at arch.usc.edu/students/scholarships to see the numerous scholarships that they offer. Once you find a scholarship that you're interested in applying for contact the University's Office of Admission and Financial Aid. 

The Illuminating Engineering Society

The Illuminating Engineering Society is actively looking for students to apply for three scholarships the currently have available.  Below is a short summary for students who need a scholarship this fall. Deadline for all three scholarships is April 1, 2016 for the fall 2016-2017 school year. Details and applications at www.iessf.net/scholarships-landing-page.

Tom Tolen Educational Scholarships

$500+ scholarship is available for:

  • Students in trade school, junior college, college and university
  • Full time Junior or Senior pursuing lighting studies
  • Graduate students with a specific lighting project as part of a degree program
  • Full or part-time Freshman, Sophomore or returning student pursuing lighting studies as part of a degree or certificate program
  • Fields related to lighting - architecture, electrical engineering, interior design, landscape lighting, theater, broadcasting or a field clearly related to lighting
  • Students must be studying in Northern CA, counties of: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Solano or Sonoma

Alan Lucas Educational Scholarships

$1,500+ scholarship is available for:

  • Third or fourth year undergraduate student and Graduate students
  • Special consideration for specific projects or Graduate students working toward a thesis about light or lighting
  • Fields related to lighting - architecture, electrical engineering, interior design, theater, film/TV, lighting design, vision or a field clearly related to lighting
  • Students must be in Northern CA, including: San Luis Obispo, Fresno and north

Robert W. Thunen Memorial Scholarship

$1000-$5000 scholarship is available for:

  • Third or fourth year undergraduate student and Graduate students
  • Special consideration for specific projects or Graduate students working toward a thesis about light or lighting
  • Fields related to lighting - architecture, electrical engineering, interior design, theater, film/TV, lighting design, vision or a field clearly related to lighting
  • Students must be in Northern CA, Northern NV, Oregon or Washington state

Posted 03.17.16

New York City’s Center for Architecture Scholarships

New York City’s Center for Architecture is pleased to announce scholarship and grant opportunities for students.

Further information about these opportunities can be found at the Center for Architecture’s website: www.centerforarchitecture.org/scholarships-grants.

Updated 12.14.17

Gordon Stafford Scholarship in Architecture 2016/17

The annual Gordon Stafford Scholarship in Architecture benefits minority students pursuing a career in Architecture. This scholarship was instituted in 1995, in celebration of Stafford King Wiese Architects' 5O-year anniversary, and is now in its 21st year. The Gordon Stafford Scholarship provides $3,000 each year ($1,500 to the student directly and $1,500 to the student's school for tuition assistance), for up to five years, provided the student maintains their enrollment in an accredited college, working toward a degree in Architecture.

Download the application pdf file.

Application must be received: Monday June 20, 2016 no later than 5 pm (regardless of postmark). Candidates must be available for interviews July 18 in Sacramento and provide their own transportation. Candidates will be notified by August 3 and the scholarship checks will be issued August 17.

Posted 02.26.16

Design/Build College Scholarship Program

BIA-WPR is requesting students to submit an application for the Design-Build Institute of America’s (DBIA) Western Pacific Region 2016 Scholarship!

DBIA Western Pacific Region will offer 10 scholarships ($4,000 each) to qualified students pursuing a design or construction related degree at selected universities in the western US. Eligible students are invited to download the application and submit by April 1, 2016. The Selection Committee will award scholarships to the most qualified students. Recipients will be selected on May 6, 2016.  Winners will be recognized at DBIA’s Annual Award Banquet on May 26, 2016 in Newport Beach.

2016 Application is now available.  Download the application pdf file. Applications must be submitted by April 1, 2016. Application/submission must be submitted in one pdf file as described in the application terms and conditions.

Click here to download the scholarship flyer. More details can be found at dbiawpr.org/news-events/news/designbuild-college-scholarship-program.

Posted 02.12.16

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architectural Scholarship of
The Oregon Community Foundation

ZGF is a nationally recognized architecture, planning, and interior design firm with a long commitment to the critical collaboration of architectural education and professional practice. In place since 2004, this scholarship is intended to recognize and foster students who have demonstrated a talent and passion for architecture. $10,000 will be awarded to one scholarship recipient; a currently enrolled student, entering their final year in a graduate or undergraduate level, NAAB accredited, architecture program in the fall of 2016. In addition to the financial award, a summer 2016 internship in one of the firm’s office locations will be offered to the scholarship recipient. The deadline is February 1, 2016 with the scholarship recipient selected no later than March 1, 2016. Funds will be awarded in September for the 2016-2017 academic year. Application form and additional information is available at www.zgf.com/scholarship.

Go to the ZGF Scholarship web page to download the application.
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca web site

Updated 11.09.15

2015 Corporate Architects and Facility Management Scholarship

The CAFM Advisory Group is pleased to announce they are  now accepting applications to award two $5,000 scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Submission deadline: February 27, 2015, 11:59PM EDT and awards shall be selected by June 2015.

Recipients will be selected on the basis of academic performance, the recommendation letter, portfolio work and the essay. All decisions are final. Applications and enclosures become the property of the American Institute of Architects.


Applicants must be enrolled and working toward their first professional degree in architecture and can be:

  • in the third or fourth year of a five-year program that results in a BArch degree
  • in the fourth or fifth year of a six-year program (4+2 or other combination) that results in a MArch degree
  • in the second or third year of a three- to four-year program that results
  • or in a MArch degree and with an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than architecture

Entry Requirements

The following is required from each applicant:

  • A completed scholarship application
  • A transcript from each academic institution attended since high school
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Current résumé
  • Portfolio of three student projects
  • An essay on one of the three topics provided

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Morancy at melissamorancy@aia.org.

Posted 12.09.14

Verla and Paul Neel Faculty Scholarship

Verla and Paul Neel, dean emeritus of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design and ARCE alumnus, Faculty Scholarship provides professional development funds to CAED faculty for participation in state or national conferences and conventions of the professional organizations within the disciplines of the CAED. For more details see: www.caed.calpoly.edu/content/opportunities/caed-scholarship

Carson Starkey Memorial Scholarship

The Carson Starkey Memorial Scholarship was lovingly established in the memory of Carson Starkey, an Architectural Engineering student, who passed away in December of 2008. His parents, Julia and Scott Starkey, intend for Carson’s memory to live on in two scholarships, one focused on need and the other on merit. For more details see: arce.calpoly.edu/carson-starkey-scholarships

Herbert E. Collins Scholarship

This scholarship, that is distributed among seven CAED students, is made possible through a generous endowment to the university in honor of Julian A. McPhee, the first president of Cal Poly. Upper division students (junior/senior/graduate) are selected for their academic achievement, industriousness and display of overall fine character. For more details see: www.caed.calpoly.edu/content/opportunities/caed-scholarship

Tile Contractors’ Association of America’s Architecture Scholarships

TCAA is seeking future architects who will lead their industry, shape the language of design, and create new ways to give shape to their vision for public and private space as art for habitation. The association is committed to awarding scholarships to high achieving architectural students enrolled in an accredited school of Architecture, pursuing their BArch or MArch Professional degrees.

The Architectural Scholarship application form is available at: www.tcaainc.org/scholarships.php

Dr. Glenn G. McRae Internship

Open to all junior or senior level students in the CAED, this award, shared among four students, is based on scholastic achievement, evidence of interest in university and multi-cultural activities and demonstrated competence in graphics and design. Interns will provide graphics and design tutorial assistance in the CAED's learning assistance program. One of the principal intentions of the award is to rekindle the caring spirit so aptly demonstrated by Dr. McRae during his counseling career at Cal Poly and his assignment to work with CAED students and assist them in life's problems. For more details see: www.caed.calpoly.edu/content/opportunities/caed-scholarship

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Professional Organization Awards

AIA California Central Coast Chapter ($500)

This scholarship is to support the study of architecture and the pursuit of an architectural career, the American Institute of Architects Central Coast Chapter (AIACCC) awards an annual $500 scholarship to one 4th year architecture student attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Applicant must be a 4th year architecture major in good standing at Cal Poly SLO as of January. Cal Poly SLO 4th year architecture students at the San Luis Obispo campus or those studying architecture in a 4th year off-campus program are eligible.

Selection will be based on verification of 4th year status, Written Goal Statement, and Sample Graphics Review. AIACCC Scholarship Committee will review all applications and select the applicant that best demonstrates architectural talent, creativity and professional promise. If two or more applicants are considered of equal merit, preference may be given to AIAS member applicants.

Award Information

For information and application forms go to the AIACCC web page. aiacentralcoast@gmail.com.

AIA Henry Adams Medal

The American Institute of Architects recognizes two top-ranking graduating students in accredited programs with an engraved medal and certificate of merit. The award program began in 1914 and was formerly called "The School Medal." Named in honor of the author of the book Mont. St Michel and Chartres, The purpose of the award is to recognize students for their general excellence in architecture throughout their course of studies. The recipient is a graduating senior with the highest grade point average in the Architecture Department.

AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Merit

The second recognition from the American Institute of Architects is awarded to the architecture graduating senior with the second highest grade point average.

Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal

Established in 1931, Alpha Rho Chi, the National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and the allied arts promotes the profession of architecture by encouraging students to excel. The members of Alpha Rho Chi believe the profession of architecture needs strong leaders as much as it needs strong designers. The recipient is committed to public service and shows merit beyond the design studio and academic career. Nominated by architecture faculty, this medal honors a graduating senior for outstanding achievements.

CAED Student Council Recognition Awards

Each of the ASI Chartered clubs and organizations within the CAED has a representative on the Student Council. This group represents a significant number of students within the college and serves as a “clearing house” for ideas, input and opinions that are communicated to the administration, faculty and Associated Students, Inc.

Contributions to the Objectives and Public Image of the College

The graduating senior who receives this award is recognized for his/her outstanding contributions to the College’s objectives and public image. Emphasis is on participation in college-wide organizations, committees and special projects. The student is nominated to receive this award by faculty and fellow students as a consequence of his/her distinguished involvement.

CAED Jamba Juice Scholarship (4 @ $5,000)

This scholarship was established with a generous donation from Mr. Kirk Perron, founder of Jamba Juice. It is to be awarded to four currently enrolled students in any of the five majors of the CAED. Preference is given to applicants who have worked or are working at Jamba Juice.

Douglas James Martin Scholarship ($600)

Jim and Barbara Martin established this scholarship in memory of their son, Douglas James Martin, who was the CAED’s first specialized computer technician. This award is given to an undergraduate CAED student who shows special ability and excellence in the area of computer applications and computer skills related to architecture and environmental design who has demonstrated volunteer service with exceptional positive benefit to the off-campus community.

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