Construction Management Minor Policy

Architecture students enrolling in the Construction Management Minor are advised that the Architecture Department makes no guarantee about their ability to satisfy both major and minor requirements during the five years of the B. Arch. program.

The Construction Management Minor is only offered on a space-available basis and as permitted by scheduling.  This means that:

  • During Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters, all CM courses with the exception of CM 332 and 431 are restricted to CM majors until the first day of class.
  • CM instructors may admit non-majors on the first day of class if space is available.
  • During Summer Quarter, CM courses are open to all majors.  Most students completing the CM minor do so by taking some CM courses during Summer.

Architecture students are further advised that their best option for completing the minor is to remain on campus for at least part of Fourth Year, so that they can satisfy the project-based-course requirement (CM 431 or 463); enrolling in a one-year off-campus program like those in Florence or Copenhagen is almost certain to delay graduation.  Students who stay on campus can receive CM 431 credit by enrolling in the corresponding section of Arch 451, 452, or 453.

The Construction Management Department will attempt to give priority to graduating seniors.  The Architecture Department will only approve time-conflict requests in accordance with the Time Conflict Request Policy.

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