Max Wisotsky

Final images are from the Fall 2012 quarter
Faculty member: Prof. Thomas Fowler

"Inflate" Satellite Public Library in Bayview, San Francisco, California 

We live in an age where the proliferation of information knows no bounds. With constant access to the Internet and other media, there is a non-stop bombardment of distraction. Much like a virus infects the cells in the body, information takes root in the brain inflating and taking up space, pushing out the stuff one wants to know, replacing it with the Kardashians and the Latin names of California flora. While visiting this site, we spoke to one of the local resident who said, “We need this library. It is where we use the Internet. It is where the community meets. It is where we send out kids to be safe after school.” My project aims to express this gaining of knowledge through the use of a double skin of inflatable ETFE panels. The exterior panels inflate outwards with the use of the tower, perhaps showing the difference in usage between digital media and books one day, and the lack of information gathering another day. Likewise, the interior pillows inflate and deflate as people walk by and use the space, because although information is a very obscure thing, it has very real and physical connotations for us all. 



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