Trevor Larsen and Ben Pennell

Final images are from the Spring 2013 quarter
Faculty member: Prof. Thomas Fowler


INJECTION cures the banal purity of the traditional performing arts center by the insertion of randomness, improvisation, and intimacy into the architecture of musical performance. Located in the heart of San Pedro, California's industrial harbor district, the building can be seen as a once perfect cube that has been infected and corrupted by a foreign presence–introducing a kind of free space structure to celebrate the limitless possibilities of steel. Just as a worm bores into an apple to create habitation, a large five story chasm cuts through the heart of the building to encourage vertical interaction between floors. This parasitic division of the architecture is not detrimental to the host as is the case with the apple. Rather, the Injection creates a symbiotic relationship between the original structure and the newly introduced system that holds the sliced halves in tension.



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