Odo Scholarship 2021 Entry #9

Entry #9

Every project is a field of countless different opportunities, unique for the design and creator’s development. Through experimentation, a set of matching and integrating components is identified, and then the focus is shifted to a bonding idea. For example, the Hoodoo investigates the biomimicry of a rock formation to produce a human-made sculpture alluding to the historically symbolic meaning of a high-rise. The contrasting Pixelated Density focuses on a formally dispersed and modular scheme forcing the concept of varying housing types treated as pixels of a bigger picture. The dissimilarity between those projects, being their specific challenge is not concealed but highlighted, and opens a way for experimentation. It, in turn, uncovers my design passion in multifaceted ways and results in a delightful and exciting human experience. Despite the alternating approach, the latter always stays the same as it is the architecture that complements humanity and forms it as well.

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