Odo Scholarship 2021 Entry #7

Entry #7

A lovely day for a graveyard party, do you not think? Dragged from the recesses of past hard-drives – these projects have one last stay at the Adobe Suite before being jettisoned into the digital ether for who knows how many lifetimes. In what might seem to be a haphazard pile of studio aesthetics, project briefs, drawing typologies, and modeling sentiments – a trend emerges. It’s in this emergent trend where my design idea rears its unpolished head. I see each of these objects as a failed answer to a set of questions – those questions being – what kind of reality do we live in? and, stemming from that - what is the role of architecture within that reality? Each of these projects attempts to dance and wriggle through the crucible of these questions – as I sit idly by. Watching how, why, and when they fail – jotting down notes for the next one.

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