Odo Scholarship 2021 Entry #4

Odo 2021 Entry Number 4

Entry #4

When starting a project, a building’s program, the site, and the people using the space inspire me to compose a human-centric story which then becomes the driving concept moving forward. I strive to then tell this story through the form, the connection of spaces as well as the drawings and models I create. I aim for my designs to be manifested as beautiful architecture as well as to be focused on the experience a person has while in this space. I would like my work to be seen as both exciting and practical to a user, especially in terms of circulation: through the excitement of traveling from one space to the next, and the practicality of flow into and throughout the site. Overall, I believe the architecture should tell the story of how it wants to be used and be able to meaningfully touch people’s lives.

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