Odo Scholarship 2021 Entry #12

Entry #12

A polyamorous love affair. 

The loyal apostle to the prude pastoral preaching of that modernist. 

A one-night stand with the specter of a steely cottage, all together while thinking of the fat organic fuzz. 

The love letter to the props of tulips, appreciated for their natural beauty, before they are flattened and jailed. 

The internal thoughts of a microwave dinner, spinning, spinning, on its communion tablet. 

The careful consideration of those same buttons, and their tonal moans. 

A history-less friendship, undefined by the divorce from that yearbook’s signature. 

The stocky limbs holding up the ponderings of a society of tarnished tins cups and vinegar. 

Ideas of a generous schizophrenia, undefinable, restless, and rigorous, where any pause is nothing more than the noise of chewing on plastic.  

I am the belt to its bright unescapable needle, of which  I neither can nor want to turn away. 

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