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Areas of Expertise

Spatial Perception 
Graphic Representation 


Jennifer Shields is an Associate Professor in the Architecture Department at Cal Poly and a Registered Architect in North Carolina. Her research and teaching are interdisciplinary, looking at how we as individuals and communities are impacted by the built environments we inhabit. She is also researching how we graphically represent built environments through photography, drawing, collage, model, and other media, regarding the correlation between experiences of the built environment and its representations.


Educational Credentials:

  • Master of Architecture, University of Virginia 
  • BS in Architecture, University of Virginia

Teaching Experience:

  • Cal Poly 2015-present 
  • UNC-Charlotte 2008-15

Professional Experience:

  • Flux Design, San Luis Obispo 
  • Tobin + Dudley, Charlotte, NC 
  • Judith Kinnard Architect, Charlottesville, VA 
  • LS3P Associates Ltd., Charleston, SC


  • North Carolina, NCARB


  • Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture


Selected Publications and Recent Research:

  • Shields, Jennifer A. E. Collage and Architecture, Second Edition. New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. [forthcoming, 2023] 
  • Shields, Jennifer A. E. “Phenomenology and Architecture: Examining Embodied Experience and Graphic Representations of the Built Environment.” In Horizons of Phenomenology: Essays on the State of the Field and Its Applications, edited by Patrick Londen, Jeffrey Yoshimi, Philip Walsh. New York: Springer. [forthcoming, 2022] 
  • Shields, Jennifer A. E. “Selective Attention and the Built Environment: Visual Perception of 2D Spatial Representations.” In Proceedings of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) Research 
  • Conference: Performative Environments. 2021. 
  • Shields, Jennifer A. E. 2020. “Displacement: Architectural Collage.” 4th International Congress on Ambiances: Ambiances, Alloaesthesia. Senses, Inventions, Worlds. 2020

Selected Awards:

  • Cal Poly College of Architecture and Environmental Design Grant - “Exploring Multi-Sensory Experiences in Virtual and Augmented Space for People with Cognitive Disabilities” (2022) 
  • Cal Poly College of Architecture and Environmental Design Grant - “Julia Morgan, Architect : An Exhibition” (2021) 
  • Cal Poly Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities Grant - “Exhibition - Julia Morgan, Architect: From Student of the Beaux-Arts to Pioneer of Concrete Construction” (2020) 
  • BEACoN Research Grant - “Visual Perception of Drawings and Photographs” (2019) 
  • Cal Poly Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities Grant - “How Veridical are Two-Dimensional Representations of Three-Dimensional Architectural Space?” (2016)

Selected Activity: 

  • Julia Morgan, Architect: Challenging Conventions - Curated and designed exhibition of the original drawings of pioneering architect Julia Morgan for the University Art Gallery at Cal Poly, 15 January – 11 February 2022. 
  • Shields, Jennifer A. E. 2022. “Julia Morgan, Architect: Transforming Practice.” 2022 IAWA Symposium – Breaking Through. The International Archive of Women in Architecture Center. 
  • Shields, Jennifer A. E. 2021. “Neurophenomenology and Architecture: Reconciling Perceptions of Two-Dimensional Representations with Embodied Spatial Experience.” 5th International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture (ISPA) Biennial Conference - Public Space: The Real and the Ideal.

Updated 10.19.2022

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