Studio Field Trip Process

Please carefully read the information below for procedures and forms. It is important to review the the University Field Trip Policy page BEFORE planning a field trip so that the appropriate forms are completed. 

Faculty are strongly encouraged to contact the Architecture Department prior to studio field trips, especially before planning out of state, international, or extended field trips with students. All forms should be submitted to the Department office at least one week in advance of the departure date.

Faculty should also review the Faculty Travel Process page for complete details on travel forms and procedures. Please contact the Architecture Department at 805-756-2930 with any questions.

Field Trip Forms

  1. Travel Pre-Authorization Form Faculty must submit this form to the Department specific to the field trip at least one week (7 days) before your departure date. This legal document authorizes you to travel on University business. State, Corporation and Foundation all use the same Travel Pre-authorization form.
  2. Travel Expense Worksheet - This is a Departmental form to help estimate your expenses before your departure date. It is not a request for funds. The worksheet should be submitted with your Travel Pre-authorization form (recommended, download PDF before completing).
  3. Travel Itinerary - Submit a travel itinerary to the Department with your Travel Pre-authorization form for the field trip that includes the class number/section, instructor name and contact information, travel dates, and destinations.
  4. Pre-Trip Evaluation Worksheet - Faculty must complete a Pre-Trip Evaluation Worksheet and submit it to the Department before your departure date. This should list any out-of-the ordinary site conditions (ex: construction sites). 
  5. University Field Activities (FAN) Notification - Faculty must complete the top portions of the FAN form (pages 1 and 2) and distribute a double-sided copy to students, at least one week before the field tripStudents are required to complete this form for ALL field trips. This can be one form for the entire quarter (for several short trips) or one per field trip (for out-of-state or international trips). Completed forms should be turned into the Department at least one week before your departure date. Please contact the Department regarding assistance with this form.
  6. Student Contact Sheet - Have your students complete the Student Contact Sheet along with the FAN form above and provide a copy to the Department with your other forms. This single sheet should be carried by the instructor during the trip and can also be used to take roll at the beginning and end of the field trip. 
  7.  Field Activities Sign Out Release Agreement - Faculty should have a copy or two of the Field Activities Sign Out Release Agreement with them during the field trip for any students that leave during the field trip; return any completed agreements to the Department upon return.

After returning from the field trip

  • If a faculty member is submitting receipts for reimbursement, a Travel Claim Form must be submitted to the Department within ten (10) business days of return along with all original, itemized receipts as well as proof of purchase receipts. The Department can assist in preparing the travel claim. State, Corporation and Foundation all use the same Travel Claim form.

Transportation for Field Trips

It is recommended that students provide their own transportation to and from field trip sites whenever possible. Alternatives are listed below in order of increasing risk to the University.

  • Commercial Transportation - the ARCH Department staff can arrange for buses, ships, airplanes, etc. [Travel funds held in Cal Poly Corporation accounts may be used.]
  • Car pools - Car pools may be organized, however: all drivers must be state employees or identified University Volunteers and must be authorized to drive vehicles on University (state) business. Use of personal vehicles on University business requires additional authorization.
  • Air Travel - CSU Executive Order 590 and Cal Poly Administrative Bulletin 92-2 require the execution of a “release and hold harmless statement” by each student who participates in CSU - sponsored student air travel and/or air travel required in a CSU - affiliated program. Students traveling by air on flights not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation are required to purchase life and personal injury insurance. Contact Risk Management for assistance.

International Field Trips

All international travel must be approved by the Architecture Department Head before the application process begins. See the Cal Poly International Travel webpage for application time lines, step-by-step instructions, and links to the online application process.

  • It is the responsibility of the faculty member and/or students to reimburse the Department for the cost of their International travel liability insurance. Please contact the Department for an estimation of insurance costs to include on your cost estimate form. 

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