Grading Policy

Adopted: 11.12.04

It is the policy of the University, the CAED and this department that every student receive a grade for every course every quarter based on the grading policies published in the Cal Poly Catalog and found at on the Cal Poly web site. These policies are applied through the specific learning objectives and evaluative criteria published in the syllabus for each course. The following are some key points to remember.

Grade Change

The only fair and acceptable reason for changing a grade is to correct an error. A change of grade shall not occur as a result of work completed outside of the established course requirements or time period.

Incomplete (I)

Assigning an "I" grade signifies that a portion of the required course work has not been completed and evaluated in the prescribed time period due to some exceptional circumstance that can be fully justified. Examples of special circumstances would be serious sickness or injury or family emergency. The portion of the work associated with an "I" grade that is not completed should be small relative to the course as a whole.

When an "I" grade is given there should be a clear written agreement between the student and teacher as to the reason an "I" was given, the work that is to be completed, and the time frame for its completion. This agreement should be signed by the student and teacher and a copy given to the department.

If in monitoring a student's progress, a faculty member sees that a student has not or is not likely to complete a portion of the work, it is recommended that the faculty member talk with the student. If special circumstances are not present, the faculty member should inform the student of their current status and likely final evaluation and discuss options for completing or withdrawing from the course.

Report In Progress (RP)

Assigned when a course extends beyond one academic term. The only courses in the architecture department for which RP is appropriate are Arch 485/495 Cooperative Education Experience and graduate thesis in progress.

Each time a student takes a course there should be clearly articulated objectives, outcomes and responsibilities that can be assessed at the course's completion. It is the responsibility of the faculty member in partnership with the student to provide basic instruction and oversight that includes determining appropriate project scope, monitoring progress and providing periodic evaluations.

It should be understood that Power does not recognize RP as a passing grade so students will not be permitted to register in courses for which a course with an RP is a prerequisite. In addition, the University will not Post a degree for a student who has an RP grade in a required course. This has a detrimental effect on students attempting to attend graduate school or apply for jobs.

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