Annual Faculty Merit Award

Faculty Merit Award 

Since 1983, each Spring quarter the Architecture Department requests nominations for the Faculty Merit Award. The information below describes the criteria and process.


The basic criterion for selection of a recipient is outstanding meritorious achievement.

Such achievements may be of one or more of the categories listed in the Appointment, Retention, Promotion & Tenure (ARPT) Criteria (final decisions are at the discretion of the judges). Current ARPT Activities of Merit categories are:

  • Teaching Performance and/or Other Professional Performance
  • Professional Growth and Achievement
  • Service to the University, Students and Community
  • Other Factors of Consideration, such as ability to relate with colleagues, initiative, cooperativeness, dependability

Eligibility of Candidates

Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. Each nominee must be employed as a full-time instructor or department head (or equivalent) during the year of nomination, and be at least in the third year of employment.
  2. Nominees must be members of the Architecture Department.

Nomination, Screening and Selection Process

Nominations will be accepted from students, faculty, and staff of the Architecture Department. Consult the Call for Nominations email for the current year's deadline.   Please nominate using the link provided via the department email.

A Screening and Selection Committee of judges composed of the three immediate past chairs of the Architecture Department Tenured Faculty (elected positions) will receive the nominations, determine eligibility and criteria satisfaction, and select the recipient of the award.

The Award

Departmental recognition of achievements will be included in the annual End of Year Celebration of the Architecture Department. A certificate of meritorious achievements will be given and will be accompanied by the inscription of the recipient’s name on a plaque to be prominently displayed within the Departmental area.

Past Recipients

  • 2019  pending
  • 2018 Doug Jackson
  • 2017 Sandy Stannard
  • 2016 Keith Wiley
  • 2015 Robert Arens
  • 2014 Carmen Trudell
  • 2013 Tom di Santo
  • 2012 Mark Cabrinha
  • 2011 Jonathan Reich
  • 2010  Michael Lucas
  • 2009  Margot McDonald
  • 2008  Karen Lange
  • 2007  Barry Williams
  • 2006  Art Chapman
  • 2005  Tom Fowler
  • 2004  Joe Amanzio, Sandra Lakeman
  • 2003  Howard Weisenthal
  • 2002  William Benedict
  • 2001  Polly Cooper
  • 2000  David Brodie
  • 1999  Terry Hargrave
  • 1998  Larry Loh
  • 1997  George Ikenoyama
  • 1996  Ken Kohlen
  • 1995  Allan Cooper
  • 1994  Brian Kesner
  • 1993  Don Grant
  • 1992  Jim Bagnall
  • 1991  Paul Wolff
  • 1990  Serim Denel
  • 1989  Vern Swansen
  • 1988  Bob Asbury
  • 1987  Ken Schwartz
  • 1986  Bilgi Denel
  • 1985  Jens Pohl
  • 1984  Pat Hill
  • 1983  Don Koberg

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