Cal Poly Statement on Commitment to Community

From the Committee on University Citizenship

The Cal Poly community values a broad and inclusive campus learning experience where its members embrace core values of mutual respect, academic excellence, open inquiry, free expression and respect for diversity. membership in the Cal Poly community is consistent with the highest principles of shared governance, social and environmental responsibility, engagement and integrity.

As students, faculty and staff of Cal Poly, we choose to:

  • Act with integrity and show respect for ourselves and one another
  • Accept responsibility for our individual actions
  • Support and promote collaboration in University life
  • Practice academic honesty in the spirit on inquiry and discovery
  • Contribute to the university community through service and volunteerism
  • Demonstrate concern for the well-being of others
  • Promote the benefits of diversity by practicing and advocating openness, respect and fairness.

Individual commitment to these actions is essential to Cal Poly's dedication to an enriched learning experience for all its members  

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