Studio Use Policy

This policy gives specific directions on how to care for the Architecture Department labs, CAED buildings, and adjacent grounds. A hard copy can be obtained at the Architecture Department, 05-212a.

How to Keep Our Educational Environment Healthy, Safe, and Conducive to Learning

  • Keep your studio trash-free by dumping overfull trash bins in nearby dumpsters.
  • Studio tables should be protected from cutting, gluing, painting, and other destructive processes.
  • Do not attach anything to the exterior or interior of buildings without permission from the Dean’s office.
  • Graffiti both inside and outside the buildings is not allowed.
  • Do not suspend anything from the beams, ceiling, ceiling tiles, or light fixtures in your lab.
  • Leave your furniture at home! Do not bring sofas, stuffed chairs, or bedding into the labs.
  • Leave our furniture in the room where you found it! Do not take indoor furniture or equipment outdoors.
  • Park your bike in the bike rack outside.
  • A 3’ walking path must be maintained between studio tables at all times.
  • Power tools should only be used in the Support Shop.
  • Spray paint should only be used in the paint booths.
  • Toxic materials should only be used in the outdoor spaces of the Support Shop.
  • The studio sink is no place to discard food or other materials such as glue, plaster, cement, or paint.
  • Lock doors, close windows, and turn off lights if you are the last person to leave the studio.

Take Care of Yourself Too!

  • Consuming alcohol or smoking is not permitted in the studio.
  • Always have a studio buddy so that you are never alone in the studio, especially late at night.
  • Each studio has a first-aid kit; use it or visit the Health Center when you need to. Call 911 for emergencies.
  • Small refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers may be responsibly used in the studio. Hot plates, toaster ovens, and propane stoves are not permitted.
  • If the lab is too hot or too cold, report the problem to the Architecture Department at 805.756.1316. Do not utilize a personal space heater or fan.

End of Quarter Clean Up is Everyone’s Responsibility

  • At the end of each quarter you should leave the lab as clean as or cleaner than you found it. A cleaning fee of up to $200 per student will be charged if the studio is left dirty.
  • It’s easy to be green! Recycle wood, paper, metal and other materials. Place what is left over into trash bins.
  • Isn’t it cool that you get a key to your lab? If you lose the key or turn it in late, you will be subject to a fine of up to $250. Be sure to return your key and/or report a lost key to the Campus Key Shop (Bldg. 58, room 103).
  • Fees will be charged for items missing or damaged during the quarter. Unless one or more students claim responsibility, these fees will be divided and charged to the entire class:
16-outlet power strip Up to $150
A-La-Carte studio chair Up to $225
60” x 36” maple-top main desk Up to $450
72” x 36” maple-top side desk Up to $450
42” LCD screen Up to $1,600
24” iMac Up to $1,750
Projector screen Up to $1,500
Drafting board Up to $450
First-aid kit Up to $250
  • Miscellaneous damage and repairs including but not limited to removal of inventory tags, graffiti, engraving, removal of furniture parts, damage of furniture will be charged based on assessment of replacement/repair.

If You See a Problem or Need Help, Here’s Who to Call:

  • Report all unsafe conditions, necessary repairs, or other concerns to your studio instructor and the Architecture Department at 805.756.1316 or
  • Report broken or missing furniture to the Architecture Department.
  • Report theft or vandalism to the to the Architecture Department and the University Police at 805.756.2281.

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