Job Board 2020-2021

These positions are available to current students, graduating students, and alumni of Cal Poly's Architecture program. If you have a position for an undergraduate student, please also see our Co-op/Internship Board Page.

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Posting a Job Opening

If you have a job opening that you would like posted on this job board, please fill out and submit the online Job Board Submittal Form. The department reserves the right to edit any submittals for length and clarity. 

We also recommend that you post your position on the Cal Poly MustangJobs site at, which will get your announcement out to a wider audience.

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If you have questions, contact us at or 805.756.1316. Please notify us if your position is filled so we can remove it from the active Job Board.

NOTE: In order to provide the most up-to-date information on available positions, postings will be removed from this board three months after the posting date.


Note to home and small business owners:

We appreciate your interest in posting your position on the job board for students in our Architecture program. The opportunities you make available are potentially “win-win;” our students gain meaningful experience while you gain help with your projects.

Please keep in mind, however, that our students are not licensed architects. That title, architect, carries with it very explicit responsibilities and expectations, which are described in California’s Architects Practice Act. For example, as unlicensed individuals our students cannot legally undertake certain types of design projects, including commercial work requiring structural alterations or residential projects greater than two stories or not incorporating standard construction details approved by the jurisdiction. Additionally, it is illegal for our students to use the terms "Architect" or "Architecture" in any document shared between you two. In hiring our students, you are hiring drafters, and any liability for their work should be taken on by you or a licensed contractor, architect or engineer.

If you are unsure whether your project requires the services of an architect or structural engineer, we recommend you consult with your local building department.

Available Job Openings

Position Title Practice/Office Name JOB Location Date posted closing date
Patio/Side Yard Designer John Brunson - Homeowner Avila Beach, CA 04/12/21 when filled
Architectural Intern/Project Coordinator MBA Architecture + Interior Design Reno, Nevada 03/29/21 when filled
Junior Interior Design Green Goods San Luis Obispo, CA 03/29/21 when filled
Landscape Drafting Lush Leaf Landscapes Santa Barbara, CA 03/29/21 4/5/21
Architectural Design Intern ITZEN Architects Inc. Santa Ana, CA 3/29/21 06/19/21 
Intermediate Architectural Designer/Draftsman CRSA Architecture San Luis Obispo 3/4/21 when filled
Entry Level Architecture Pacific Peninsula Architecture Menlo Park 3/4/21 when filled
Junior Designer Reba Jones Inc. Berkeley, CA 02/02/2021 when filled  
Junior/Intermediate Designer Scheinholtz Associates Burlingame, CA 02/02/2021 when filled


Bildsten Architecture and Planning Santa Barbara, CA 02/02/2021 when filled
Architectural Drafter III / Job Captain 19six Architects San Luis Obispo, CA 2/10/2021 Repost 12/16/2020
Project Manager 19six Architects San Luis Obsipo, CA 2/10/2021 Repost 12/16/2020
Project Manager 19six Architects Santa Barbara, CA 2/10/2021 Repost 12/16/2020
Architectural Drafter III / Job Captain 19six Architects Santa Barbara, CA 2/10/2021 Repost 12/16/2020
Designer II Isaman design, Inc. San Luis Obispo, CA 2/10/2021 Repost when filled
Architectural Drafter III / Job Captain 19six Architects Santa Barbara, CA 2/10/2021 Repost 10/31/2020
Staff / Senior Engineer in Timber Engineering APA - The Engineered Wood Association Tacoma, WA 2/10/2021 Repost 12/30/2020
Entry Level Designer E. Cobb Architects Seattle, WA 1/21/21 when filled

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