Design Competitions 2019-20

LIBGEN: Genesis of Libraries

Posted 08.29.19

Sponsor/Organizer: UNYT
Fee: Based on number of registrations. (Visit website under "Awards & Fees")
Registration Deadline: December 6, 2019
Submission Deadline: December 15, 2019

Design Challenge: Today libraries suffer thanks to budget cuts and lack of interest by the public at large - can libraries evolve to become something bigger? Can libraries be the think tank of the city? Or a forum where the exchange of ideas happens? Can they evolve from a passive function of a repository to an active self-learning space to share and create new knowledge? Can this new function be enclosed in a more conducive infrastructure? The challenge here is to design/completely rewrite the universal definition of a public library and democratize education and learning through refreshing spatial ideas.

Submission Requirements: Click here for more information on registration and project details.

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