Odo Scholarship 2021 Entry #6

Entry #6

Intentionality is the standard by which I critique my work. It’s become a question I ask myself when I’m stuck: what am I trying to do, and how will I make that happen through the architecture? This rigor is applied to every single design consideration -- from form, to materiality, performance, spatial planning, and user experience (and all the more difficult that these are all intertwined) -- on all of these aspects, I try to take a stance and articulate it.

In “Shells/Sails/Scallops,” energy generation is depicted not only in program but also in experience – up close, the multifunctional façade allows every user of the building to witness these processes; from afar, it appears to billow from the prevailing wind. Then, in “Bound Lotus,” the meditation retreat sought to activate all five senses through experiential circulation, which shaped the material and lighting qualities of the woven tunnel.

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