Odo Scholarship 2021 Entry #3

Odo 2021 Entry Number 3

Entry #3

I am fascinated by a designer’s instinct.  I believe that each gesture conducted by a graceful jig or an exasperated jab upon any media yields ingrained intention of the designer.  A designer’s culture, personality, education, or current fluctuating mood construct their epistemic upbringing and will dictate their judgments in their design.  These jigs, jabs, and judgments should not be done too judiciously, rather at one’s own pleasure so our instincts can fly and allow us to produce more ideas naturally and honestly. 

I trust my design instinct (that is heavily impacted by an architecture education) to output ideas and forms to fit within a project’s limitations and program.  Therefore, I begin each design producing several study models, sketches, and collages driven by instinct.  These several iterations are then altered and refined according to the project’s requirements to become a feasible, understandable, and spatial form.   

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