Odo Scholarship 2021 Entry #17

Odo 2021 Entry Number 17

Entry #17

For me, architecture should always strive to benefit the behavior and progress of humanity. When I design a project, I think, "how can this make a positive impact on people?" I designed the Carrizo Plain Center for Anemology to blend into the landscape and stick out of it, creating a sense of intrigue that would draw people in from outside but when within would give them an appreciation for the natural beauty of all the landscape. For Breathe, I aimed to create spaces that would encourage busy people to look inwardly and take time to focus on their wellbeing. For Harlem Charter, I crafted program spaces that would light theĀ flame of creativity and then help that flame grow through increased collaboration and opportunities for sharing ideas. It's important to me that my architecture helps people address issues either in society or in themselves and helps them grow as people.

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