Curriculum Vitae Guidelines

Adopted: 12/10/04

1. Introduction

The Curriculum Vitae is intended to be a complete and succinct description of your professional and teaching experience and accomplishments from the beginning of your career to the current point in time.

2. Format

Each faculty member may determine the formatting for his or her vitae. However, to facilitate record keeping and inclusion in reports and to support legibility, it is suggested that it be letter size (8.5” by 11”), oriented vertically, use upper and lower case lettering for text, and have all pages numbered. Information should be presented in reverse chronological order.

3. Content Categories

3.1 Author Information

Name, Campus Phone Number and E-mail Address, and date.

3.2 Background

3.2.1 Education Degree, Institution, Date Awarded

3.2.2 Certification or Licensing Certificate/License, Granting Body, Date Granted

3.2.3 Academic Experience Title/Position, Institution, Department, Location, Period of Employment, Time Base (i.e., full- or part-time), Primary Duties

3.2.4 Related Professional Experience Title/Position, Employer, Location, Period of Employment, Primary Duties

3.3 Teaching

Separate information within this category by institution.

3.3.1 Courses Taught Course Number, Course Name, Units, Quarter/Semester, Year

3.3.2 Major revisions and Innovations in Existing Courses Course Number, Course Name, Brief Narrative

3.3.3 New Course Preparation Course Number, Course Name, Brief Narrative

3.3.4 Curriculum Development Brief Narrative

3.3.5 Student Research Supervised Brief Narrative

3.3.6 Student Advising Brief Narrative

3.3.7 Current Instructionally Related Projects Name, Expected Completion, Brief Narrative

3.3.8 Other Brief Narrative

3.4 Professional Growth

3.4.1 Publications Title, Publication Title (if applicable), Co-Author/Editor (if applicable), Publisher, Date

3.4.2 Invited Lectures, Workshops & Presentations Title, Co-Presenter (if applicable), Where Presented, Date

3.4.3 Professional Conferences/Workshops Attended Title, Location, Date

3.4.4 Creative/Professional Work Client, Project, Location, Your Role, Date Completed, Construction/Production Cost

3.4.5 Grants, Contracts, Fellowships, Honors, Awards Title, Awarding Body, Award, Date, Amount of Award

3.4.6 Participation in Professional Associations and Organizations (includes teaching organizations) Organization Name, Your Role, Date

3.5 Service

Separate information within this category by institution.

3.5.1 Department Committee/Activity Name, Your Role, Dates of Service

3.5.2 College Committee/Activity Name, Your Role, Dates of Service

3.5.3 University Committee/Activity Name, Your Role, Dates of Service

3.5.4 Community (Professionally Related) Committee/Organization Name, Your Role, Dates of Service

3.6 Other

3.6.1 The preceding categories cover the basic activities that may be appropriate. There may be other activities that should be included in individual cases.

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