Mission Statement

The mission of the Architecture Department is to provide diverse and comprehensive educational opportunities for persons preparing to serve society as responsible, ethical and creative individuals involved in the design of a sustainable built environment through the profession of architecture.

The department achieves its mission through excellence in teaching, scholarship, creative work, and service. We have a strong commitment to providing a learning environment that develops the ability to make design judgments that integrate and synthesize technical, contextual, environmental, and experiential issues in the creation of the built environment.

Departmental Goals

  • To create a teaching/learning environment that develops an ability and passion for the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding in the design of the physical environment and the practice of architecture.
  • To create teaching, learning and work environments that support physical and mental health and personal and professional growth.
  • To provide educational opportunities to pursue design excellence, technical knowledge and contextual understanding in the creation of the built environment.
  • To provide educational opportunities to gain an understanding and appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of design and the profession of architecture.
  • To provide educational opportunities to gain an understanding and appreciation for the diversity manifest in the people, societies and cultures in relationship to the design and use of the built environment.
  • To educate architects that understand the connections and balance between ecologies of nature, economies of production and occupancy, and the stability of social equity, commonly known together as "sustainable design."

NAAB Accreditation Documents

For the statement on NAAB-accredited degrees, please see the Prospective Students webpage.

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