Blended BARCH + MSARCH Program Application

Instructions and Notes

All Cal Poly Architecture students and any other CAED students planning to participate in the blended BARCH + MSARCH must complete this online application, which includes the following parts:

  1. Student Information
  2. Major, Support and GE Course Plan
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. Portfolio and Resume
  5. Two (2) Architecture Faculty Recommendations
  6. Student Agreement

Important Contact Information:

Architecture Blended BARCH + MSARCH Coordinator: Prof. Thomas Fowler
Architecture Department Facilitator: Arlene Gomez  805.756.1497

Application Deadline

Online application must be submitted on or before December 1 and make sure all information is correct before you submit the form. Information marked with an asterisk (*) is required.

Click HERE to return to the BARCH + MSARCH home page.

updated 10.01.2020

Part 1: Student Information
Student Identity
Please enter your phone number, including area code, in the format XXX-XXX-XXX
Local Address
Permanent Address
Part 2: Major and Support Course Plan

NOTE: All blended program applicants must have completed their Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) prior to acceptance.

ARCH Major Courses
Select the courses you are in, or plan to take, in the quarters indicated below to demonstrate your plan to complete all required major and support courses through the end of your 5th year of undergraduate studies.
ARCH 420ARCH 443ARCH 451ARCH 452ARCH 481 (F)ARCH 481 (W)ARCH 481 (Sp)ARCH 492Not Applicable
Summer 2018 *
Fall 2018 *
Winter 2019 *
Spring 2019 *
Summer 2019 *
Fall 2019 *
Winter 2020 *
Spring 2020 *
Summer 2020 *
Fall 2020 *
Winter 2021 *
Spring 2021 *
Professional Electives
General Education (GE) courses
A1 ENGL 133/134 *
A2 COMS 101/102 *
A3 Reason, Argumentation, & Writing *
B1 Mathematics/Statistics *
B2 Life Science *
B3 Physical Science *
B4 One lab taken in PHYS 121 *
C1 Literature *
C2 Philosophy: PHIL 230/231 *
C3 Fine/Performing Arts *
C4 Upper-division elective (no ARCH) *
Area C Elective *
D1 American Experience (40404) *
D2 Political Economy *
D3 Comp Social Institutions *
D4 Self Develop (CSU Area E) *
D5 Upper-division elective *
Area F *
Part 3. Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose(s) should be a brief essay (300 words or less) addressing an understanding of the B ARCH + MS ARCH Program and must select one of the graduate areas of research from the perspective of your career and educational objectives.

Use these numbers in response to questions:

  1. Indicate what you propose for your capstone area of master’s research project and why this area is of interest 
  2. Also indicate what your focus is for your 5th year thesis project. The reason we ask for both graduate and undergraduate areas of research, is that the university does require that capstone experiences for undergraduate degree be different from graduate research
  3. What is the link (if there is one) between your fifth year thesis and your proposed graduate research topic?
  4. Provide the name of a College of Architecture Faculty Advisor that has agreed to work with you on your capstone master’s research project (if you have at this point and if not provide a list of potential research advisors that you will consider) 
  5. Provide the ranked order for fifth-year instructors that you propose to take for thesis year
Part 4. Portfolio and Resume

Once application is submitted, the B ARCH + MS ARCH program will send you an email notification with a link where you will upload your portfolio. If no link is sent in five (5) days, send an email message to

The portfolio requirements are:

  • Submit as a Single PDF Formatted Portfolio that is 8 ½ x 11 that does-not-exceed 10 pages total of work (this total page number excludes cover, index, and resume). Document should not exceed 15 MBs in size (Files larger than 15 MBs will not be reviewed).
  • A cover page with your name, email address, cell number, and program entry quarter/year (ex: Fall Quarter 2019).
  • An index page listing content of Portfolio.
  • A Resume
 (1 page max).
  • Portfolio of academic and/or professional work: Work submitted shall be clearly labeled so the context is understood. With all group or professional work, it should be clearly indicated what your role on the project and provide as much context for understanding the total project along with the list of all others that you collaborated with.
Part 5. Two (2) Architecture Faculty Recommendations

All applicants need two (2) architecture faculty recommendations.

  • Do not submit recommendations from employers, university staff, or administrators.
  • Download the faculty recommendation form (see link below).
    • Open and save document as a PDF.
    • Students must fill out the applicant information portion of the Blended B ARCH + MS ARCH Faculty Recommendation form.
    • Save the form as a PDF and email it to the faculty recommender. IMPORTANT: Subject line must read "Blended Faculty Recommendation." Faculty will email the completed form and submit for further processing.
    • Make sure you approach faculty members with plenty of advance notice; several faculty receive multiple recommendation requests.
    • Faculty submission deadline is December 1.
    • Click here to download faculty recommendation form.

List the names and Cal Poly emails of the three (3) faculty you will be sending recommendation forms to:

Part 6. Student Agreement
By initialing and submitting this form you agree to the following statement: I attest that the information I have provided is accurate and can be verified by Cal Poly State University. I waive the right to read or obtain copies of the faculty recommendations. All information submitted is CONFIDENTIAL.
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