Student Shows

The 5th Year Final Show

Every year the students of Cal Poly's Architecture program hosts an event like no other. During Memorial Day Weekend, wonderful craftsmanship is on display throughout the students' sketches, models, renderings and abstract works. This annual show is held in the Chumash Auditorium located in Cal Poly's UU building.

Details about this show can be found at 5th Year Architecture Show

Cal Poly Architecture Mash'd! 5/23-24/15


Cal Poly Architecture Last Call 5/24-25/14

Cal Poly Architecture Last Call: The 5th Year Final Show from Coasting Toaster Productions.




Additional Shows

Karen Lange's STUDIO 400 Book Show

2012 Serial Boxes Exhibition at 3A Gallery in San Francisco

Prof. John Lange third-year design studio final review 6/3/11

Prof. Thomas Fowler two quarter design studio 6/2/11

Profs. Mark Cabrinha and Tom Fowler Third Year Two Quarter Pilot Design Studio 6/11/10

Prof. Doug Jackson's Thesis Students Exhibition: 5/14/10

"Best of Show" Third year review: 3/12/10

Emergency Shelter exhibition: 12/9/09



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