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Your support helps us provide the tools to achieve excellence and meet the challenges of the future. The Department of Architecture offers a wide range of giving opportunities. Your gift may be used to support a specific need, program or projects.

Student Support


Scholarship support is a critical part of student success. Your donation not only provides financial support to the recipients - it can make the difference between whether a student joins an ASC competition team or an academic club. Consider supporting an existing scholarship, or start your own today!
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Architecture Department Scholarships

Scholarships are made available to students within the Architecture Department. These scholarships and awards consider financial need and recognize promise and achievement in a broad range of activities related to architecture. 


For more information about scholarships and awards currently being offered, visit our Scholarships Page

Instructional Materials

Tools of the trade, such as self-healing mats, exacto knives, markers, pencils, and model making materials are expendables needed every day in architecture courses.  Software licenses, such as and Vray, are necessary for every student in the program. Your investment will ensure that these materials are available to everyone who needs them.


Sponsor the creation of student outreach publications, materials, and web pages of student work, or provide a stipend to help a student complete their thesis. 


Many courses require travel to landmarks and firms locally, nationally and globally. Projects may require installment or implementation on site. Your support will ensure that students who cannot otherwise afford the cost of flights or lodging have an opportunity to participate.

Students in Need

Life happens, and it’s never on time. The computer breaks right before the final report is due, or an emergency back home requires an immediate trip to see family. Maybe incoming dollars don’t match up to the bills, or a student is short on materials for a final project. Help to ensure that a student with an emergency has the support they need to meet the challenge.


Architecture students are encouraged to enter hands-on competitions to foster resourcefulness, project management and leadership skills, and the ability to work in teams. Donations allow student teams the opportunity to travel and compete against teams from other universities from around the state and nation. Your support of student competitions ensures valuable learning experiences and engagement with industry.
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Vellum Design Build Competition

The Vellum Design Build is a design competition and exhibition that encourages participants to create original furniture designs and have their submissions juried by a panel of experts in their field. Intended to inspire creative thought and challenge participants to press the boundaries of design, the Vellum Competition offers a tangible experience and exposure to the industry. 

Program Support

Equipment Needs

Specialized technology  - computers, digital fabrication equipment - are necessary to give students the cutting-edge education they need to compete in the employment market today. Help to ensure our labs and studios are state-of-the-art.

Course, Lab and Studio Sponsorships

Courses, labs and studios are where our students gain valuable learn by doing experience. Your support helps keep these courses updated and industry-specific, and keeps the labs state of the art allowing us to stay on track with new innovations and trends in technologies.
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Course Sponsorship $25K Over 5 Years

​Investing in the underwriting of a course will ensure faculty offer industry-specific projects that represent the reality of design today. Your support may be used to provide professional development opportunities to faculty and/or students or provide transportation and lodging for travel to conferences or competitions. Equipment and supplies may be purchased from this fund. 

​Lab Sponsorship $50K Over 5 Years

Your support of a specific lab or classroom will provide faculty and students necessary hands-on practical experience, essential preparation for a career in architecture. 

San Francisco Urban and Los Angeles Metro Programs

Students are provided a transformative experience by participating for one quarter in either one of these programs, which include an internship placement in a firm and coursework taught by the faculty program coordinator. Your support will ensure these programs thrive. 

Summer Career Workshop

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Summer Career Workshop

The Architecture Department offers a three week camp for high school students interest in exposure to the profession. Your donation to this fund will assist with the purchase of materials or you can sponsor student participation in the program.


For more information 

Please contact Prof. Margot McDonald, Architecture Department Head at 805-756-1316 or; or the CAED Advancement Office at 805-756-5138.


Matching Gifts

Employers often match their employee donations, under certain circumstances or for specific purposes, which could double your gift. If your employer participates in this type of program, consider asking them to match your gift to Cal Poly.

Planned Gifts

Make a legacy gift to the Architecture Department, the college or the university by recording your intent in your estate plans.



Contact the CAED Advancement office at 805-756-5138 for more information.

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