Alumni Reunion: Class of 1965

Class of 1965 45th Reunion 

The class of 1965 reunion took place between Friday, May 14th and Saturday May 15th, 2010. Festivities started on Friday with a challenging golf tournament at Morro Bay Golf Club (organized by David Cartnal), followed by dinner at the Inn at Moor Bay Club accompanied by a live jazz group. On Saturday, the reunion continued with a lunch and informal get together in the Engineering West patio (see pictures), concluding with dinner in the Round Room at the Madonna Inn. Many thanks to all participants, but in particular to Vahe Khachooni for organizing the whole event.


John Vierra's Tsunami "best of show"

Mike Morrison and Stephanie Peterson

Nina Nazarov's Reclaim + Sigita Saliklis' Wear My Chair

DWR Showroom in Santa Barbara, CA

John Grinstead adn Marie Fleur Same

Claire Ranger and Michael Morrison

S. Saliklis and T. Coffin's Hyper-Ventilate (back)

John Vierra and Tracey Coffin

S. Saliklis and T. Coffin's Hyper-Ventilate (back)




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