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Plotting and dFab Guidelines

CAED Plot Center

During the winter 2017 break, the college initiated the installation of 6 plotters in room 21-131A (Plot Center) plus the purchase of a high speed, large format printer/scanner. Details at

Beginning January 19, 2017, large format printing services will be offered in Engineering West, Room 21-131A. Below are highlights so the transition to the new center occurs smoothly:

  • Payment for plots are completed via the Pharos card swiping system using your Polycard. It is the same system used in Kennedy Library, the University Union, the Landscape Architecture studios, and the computer lab in room 05-308. Individuals send their files to the plotters using the computers in the Plot Center, then pay for the plotted drawing by swiping their Polycard on the Pharos card reader.
  • Plot Center hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM. Extended hours maybe possible and faculty may reserve plotting time via the CAED Plot Center Calendar at Faculty should coordinate with the CAED for mid term and end of term plotting dead lines for their courses. 
  • The KIP is a high speed large scale plotter and scanner. It is a lower cost alternative to ink jet plotting and the plots are completed four times (4x) quicker than the other plotting machines in the room. Scanning on the KIP is free.
  • For those who purchased a plotter card and still have a balance on it, plotting may be purchased with the remaining balance. Present the card at time of plotting services and the appropriate amount will be deducted. Plotting cards will not be accepted after March 31, 2017.

Please direct all questions to Kevin Dong, CAED Associate Dean at

dFAb Cards

Starting Fall 2016, dFab cards are needed only for 3D Printing. Please see the dFab webpage for details.

You can purchase a dFab card at the University Cashier (Building 01-131E) or online (see below). Paper receipts are still required to pick up your card.

For dFab hours and guidelines on preparation, acceptable materials, and clean up, see

To purchase a dFab card online:

  1. Login to your Cal Poly Portal (
  2. Select the “Money Matters” tab
  3. Click the yellow “Make a Payment Now” button (under Account Summary, in the middle of the page)
  4. This will redirect you to the AFD Online Payments page
  6. Under the Your Account section click “Make a Payment”
  7. On the right side column under categories, choose the “CAED Digital Fabrication Lab Cards”
  8. Select the "CAED Digital Fabrication Lab Card" by clicking "View Details"
  9. Enter the quantity and then click “Add to Basket” (dFab cards are $40 each)
  10. Click “Pay Now” 
  11. Print receipt and bring it and your ID to 05-212A to pick up your dFab Card

IMPORTANT: The original cashier receipt or a printout of an email receipt must be taken to the Architecture Department in 05-212a to be exchanged for the dFab punch card. An image on your phone or other device will not be accepted.

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